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October 8, 2019



A written word is the choicest of relics.  It is something at once more intimate with us and more universal than any other work of art.  It is nearest to life itself – Thoreau


It is one of my favorite quotes from Walden.  So, who’s the dumb idiot that let them steal my Walden book from my home because I published this quote, at least a year or more ago, here?  Was it jealousy because his name is Henry David Thoreau?  Penis envy?

This has been on my mind for several days, and this goes back for quite some time, there is something in this, the light rail was on the election ballot here in Hillsborough county, Florida.  A proposition was proposed of a light rail from Tampa, to Orlando, to Miami.  I voted yes on it every time.  This same stupid debate of it being a waste of tax-payers money was in the news, a lot.

The light rail was on the ballot several times, it eventually got voted in, meaning it had enough yes votes from the taxpayers, that the proposition should have gone forward.  Then, it got placed on the ballot again, quite literally asking the voters, did you really mean to vote for the light rail?  It got turned down, shut down, voted against.  This has never made sense to me.

How is it that a proposition can be presented to it voters, the voters, vote yes, and then it so much as gets questioned with another ballot vote.  It is very unusual.  Because I’ve spoken to a lot of people about the need for everyday citizens, like myself to have access to public transportation.

Florida is very spread out, a city such as Tampa can be considered much further than the city limits, it is how the people think here.  Most everything within the Tampa Bay area here are at least a 30 to 40 to an hour’s drive in one direction.

Perhaps people already know about this, it is something the public should be aware about.  There is something there.  Especially considering I am most recently from a suburb of Portland, Oregon, and there was a light rail built and in place before we moved that went from my town of Gresham, to Downtown Portland.

It is going to take a long time to decode all of Angels and Demons.  It is very audible, and it intricate.

Do you believe in God, sir?  Says, six and seven o’clocks.  It is also, an either, or.

The understanding God scene says, do you, the real Hannibal Lecter believe in Cherith Gjestland?

The story about finding the anti-matter, really, doesn’t matter.  Don’t follow it, it will get you nowhere.  It just helps the storytelling, and the experience of the movie, probably the book, too.  I’d have to read it.

What make you think he’s going to murder the cardinals says, Cherith would be able to figure out the precursor to the real Hannibal Lecter’s murders, meaning how they brain-researched, the real Hannibal Lecter.

I like this word, and that may or may not mean anything, I really do like being able to speak in different languages.  L’Altare della scienza.  It could be code for either, lass, or last.  So, it could reference a last murder.

The cruelest honor in Christendom, is quite odd.  It doesn’t belong there.  The sentence doesn’t belong there.  It literally says, it doesn’t belong there.  So, it is possible it has several meanings, people, places, things, objects, events, happenings, and so on.

Must not give oxygen, this is meant for the real Hannibal Lecter to figure out, if he hasn’t already.

The word, issues says, National Geographic.  I did buy a few National Geographic’s at a Goodwill store in Tampa, on Kennedy Blvd, when I was in college.  I was looking for costumes, for school.

Issues also, says, visual aid, visual aid also says, VA, veteran’s Administration.

Is this dialogue original to the book?  Is it in the book, verbatim?  If God has any issues, it’s not with what I’ve done, they will be with what I’m about to do.  Is it original to the book?

By the way, the actor playing the role of the assassin, looks to me like he was cast for his shoe size.  Cherith really does know where to look on a man, and it is not his crotch.  Shoes and feet tell more.

I ask if it is original because I wrote it on paper from memory, as I’s, and not plural, we’s and them.  It makes me question if either in the mind of the author or another man, it is a singular, I.  Meaning, Cherith is most important, and the they’s and we’s are support staff.

Father, if God, has issues, there is no Father, in this dialogue, if God says, GI, has issues, my father’s initials, no father, it is just a timeline, I was by myself in California, without my family.  Don’t get confused, it is only detail.

They won’t be with I’ve done, with that I’ve done is the only thing of importance in that line and that says, Christ on the cross, dying for our sins, dying for God’s children because he so beloved the world, He gave His only begotten Son.

They will be with what I’m about, to do.  There is no to-do.  Not in this sentence, or code.  They will be with what I’m about goes like this:

They will be

With what

I’m about

Three, two, two.  Add it together, seven- Cherith.

They will be with – goes together, these are plural, eyeballs, I’s.

What I’m about, what says, why, I’m says, eye, meaning eyeballs, about says, fight.  It is also, on the assassin’s face, his eyeglasses.  Is this in the original book?  Does he wear eyeglasses?

What, is a bridge or nose on a face, glasses sit or rest on the bridge of the nose.  Detail.

The most exciting or interesting symbol in that sentence is about.  Take a-b-o-u-t, all lower case, and write a-b-o-u-t on top of each other, it turns into a symbol of the burning bush and the cross that Christ was crucified upon.  Burning bush says, Mount, meaning, mountain.

It’s referenced in 12 Strong, when a piece of The World Trade Center, a reason why, is given.

And, that’s as far as I’ve gotten, again.  It’s very intricate.

October 8, 2019: READ: WARNING: Edison

October 8, 2019



Two going on three pages of notes, I took while watching Angels and Demons, the movie, and well, I needed to shut that part of my brain off for a while.  It was not all I had done, intelligently, in a day.  Another way to shut a part of your brain off, is, sleeping.

Investigation into the Biden’s news story just looks like this dialogue in 12 Strong, when are you going to get off your ass, and that’s the end.  Ass says, Democrat, and that says my former fiancé, Michael.  It’s a timeline, a detail.

How to employ (12 Strong) another detail.  It goes with, I don’t know it (Sherlock), I don’t know the code, and the code goes with the AOL contractor “email” (Zero Dark Thirty) work, and the message, the top-secret, classified message this man had taped to his torso (detail, don’t follow it), all it says is, threat to The White House, and I read it, it was very credible, very real, and on-going until I resigned from that employment.

The intel that sent that message to me to be read, is mostly gibberish, all I got is threat, real, credible, White House.  The original message has been destroyed, or, most sincerely, if it was in a classified vault or file somewhere, I could actually read, decode (translate), and decipher it without having to see it in person.

Don’t get confused with my next employer (a UPS contractor, detail, I was asked over and over on the phone there if the person – me, actually worked for UPS or a contractor, are training was that we did not work for a contractor, we worked for UPS), and the London cigarette.  It goes together with Sherlock, did he take the cigarette, never knowing if it is was a danger night, and another reason I did not like that employer were the other employees, I saw coming back from break, meaning they were then going to work or man the phones, with red-eyes, as though they had been smoking marijuana in their cars.  Something else, I don’t do.

The AOL email, I should not have had to resign from, did it, or did it not shorten this man’s career in the White House who is seen in the movie, UP?  Really, it says, incompetence at the AOL employer, meaning there was incompetence within the White House and that is probably the reason for the Press Secretary (Secretariat) news story that went on a while ago.  It’s not his fault.

Did someone, or was there thinking when his career ended there, that he knew he was not going to be there forever?  He has some pretty smart thinking, knowing I needed to be socializing, and not just working.  Something, I haven’t seen anyone else do with my employment.

The letter is too well written, that’s Mitch, from 12 Strong, that is just me saving this man’s life, along with the White House.  No big deal.  You’re welcome, America.

December 2014, I went for a drive because that was what was in this house, I had to continually get away from this bad presence and person, driving was an escape.  I drove and stopped at a Fort Cooper State Park, I got out and started walking around.  I put my car keys, that were not with my house keys, in my handbag, that happened to be my black Coach backpack (detail).  My car keys were in my handbag, I didn’t fall, or in any way have the contents of my handbag fall out; however, when I returned to my Civic vehicle, my car keys were nowhere to be found, either, in my handbag, or on the ground – anywhere.  This alone, has caused me to continually place my keys upon my person, so I do not have that happen, again.

I called AAA to get someone to let me in my vehicle, they had to “cut” another key, so I could get home.  They wanted me to abandon my vehicle, walk to another location, to seek help.  No, I’m not gonna do that.

What President was in the White House, at the time?  No, I’m not going to do that.

The key replacement is a problem.  It has been a constant problem that I have never been able to have corrected.

It goes together with my house keys, a constant problem.  Neither my vehicle, nor my residence, are shared, our communal property.  It really doesn’t speak well about our government, or the process that started after Edison, in 2014.

I really, really, cannot stand how you’ve made the United States appear dumb and stupid – with Edison.  Enough, already.  Edison couldn’t tie his own shoes even if they were made out of Velcro.

Who is really responsible for Edison?  Admit it as a mistake, Jesus fucking Christ, so we can all finally get some real work done.

Edison was failing.  Why they spent a year of failed dates with me because not to look at me NOW, but I used to be fucking hot, spent a year with bad dates, men who never anywhere near a possibility for me to be seen dating them, or a real relationship – at all, is quite honestly, in my opinion, a real big fuck up and mistake.

None of you, I am now nearly fifty years old, and none of you have allowed me to date – for real.  Wow, shame on you dumb idiots!  Wow is the look of love, me being in love, so FUCKING SCARY, none of you, nimwads are able to allow THAT to happen?!


I mean it, look at it, they have deprived me of male attention, and companionship – all my life!  You fuck heads, look fucking scared!


All my photographs were on my former phone, my coded phone, the phone that was nulled, of me in places like, Washington DC.  Any way to recover that?  It shouldn’t have happened.

What this appears to me to be, Edison was failing, why you would use his stupid little body, I have no idea.  It is suspicious.  When it was shown, to really big, top persons, how sexually attracted I was to David, I am attracted that that physical type of man, I ain’t gonna dumb down.  It’s suspicious, to me.

They needed David to talk through Edison, or that first night, would not have happened.

They needed Franco to talk through Edison, or that second night, would not have happened.

He was on his own the third night, and that is when I figured it out – afterward – and I lost my fucking shit, at the scam of it!

They used another employee at The Container Store to let me know, Edison no longer had the means to be able to communicate with me, by way of my phone.

Since discovering the scam of Edison, I have ALWAYS insisted, I want nothing to do with him.  He never should have been allowed to date, me.  If any moron thought, it would or could bring David and I together, SOMEONE MAKE THIS IDIOT STOP THINKING AND STORY-TELLING!  They don’t know what they are doing.

This notion of me working on the Obama campaign and sending people into the office just to try and, flub me.  Here is what it looks like, it is the equivalent of being in an interrogation room with a suspected criminal, and the police officer, or another intelligence person, poking the suspected criminal over and over and over and over and over and over again, with a very sharp, stick, eventually, the suspected criminal, even if they were not guilty of the crime, WILL ATTACK THE POLICE OFFICER, OR OTHER INTELLIGENCE PERSON BECAUSE IT IS ONLY HUMAN NATURE, POKE ANY PERSON WITH A STICK LONG ENOUGH, THEY WILL ATTACK.

So, if this is any dumb idiots, who have been using this yokel-thinking, remove yourself because I cannot stand for any of you to continue to allow the United States of America to be seen as weak and simple because WE ARE NOT!

This is a caution, if this really happened, if the night I screamed my head off, are you out of your fucking mind!  Bin!  Meaning, ain’t no way, I am responsible or helping known terrorists to attack America, and his former partner (FBI) really did die in the ensuing confrontation from my dialogue, her partner, looks like she has been sabotaging ALL this work, probably from grief, and she does not look competent enough to me, I have written this repeatedly.  Not competent, enough.

I will remind you, most people, have a staff to get all this intel and intelligence written, the code I was referring to in the post, A True Believer, the code is in the movies, meaning, since every person has to pay for a movie, movie rental, cable, streaming, however, since we pay for it that is the code that is being used and can be seen, and I used the word, discrepancies, meaning, discrepancies from the President of The United States, or White House, and intelligence agencies.  Pay for movies or television, public funds like tax-payer funds, and intelligence, and discrepancies.

I will remind you, again, 13 Hours is about correcting mistakes, and the message is for me, to decipher.  It’s one reason I like the movie, so much.

Let me show you another picture of what I looked like while working and volunteering on the Obama campaign because I was a volunteer, first.  My manager, the other managers and people in the office, the volunteers, for reference, I am also Jacob, in Crazy, Stupid, Love when getting Cal back to his manhood, or full-erection, what a man needs for his mental image, to get stronger work done, everyone else in the office, whether they were staff or volunteers, wore t-shirt, jeans, shorts, and all very generic looking.

I wore, skirts, blouses, boots, jewelry, accessories, make-up done, and not overdone, my hair styled, handbags, fragrance, meaning perfume or cologne, if I wore jeans, it was an ensemble, not jeans and a t-shirt, before and after my surgery.  Here is my thinking, I am representing the United States, its government, its election process, and the Obama campaign.  Remember I was a registered Republican working on a Democrat’s campaign, and I was vetted, and I saw nothing wrong with working on a Dem’s campaign.  In my mind, it was only going to make the country, stronger.

I write this about my clothing for several reasons, one of them being, it was hinted at by several persons, that I was dressed too nice.  Like, I was going to stop being myself, to make other people feel better, and these other people were not, the voters, to whom I was reaching.

Also, it is another thing, they have taken away from me since Edison, all those clothes, are gone.  And the only way I was able to afford looking so well, was by shopping in stores, in the bargain, or sale section because I have never been able to afford rack (get it), off the rack, or full priced items.

Really, it is not a good look, for the US, for our intelligence agencies, and for our allies.

I have never followed another man.  They follow me.  You’re welcome.

Is that the front gate, 13 Hours, this is just a way to reference the front for the ice cream shop.

Let me explain this further, the competing agencies sending people to try and upset or flub me while working in 2012, looks like this, an agency would get intel, they would then send local people, probably local police with about as much information as, for instance, Libya, attack on an embassy, and Cherith, and look at her, and nothing more.

Well, it really doesn’t take a genius to figure out, I love America, the United States and what it stands for, so trying to, flub me?  Um, dumb.  It just says, inferior work.

Perhaps, that more and more truthful, details are being written by me, perhaps real work, is finally able to happen.

Angels and Demons, this goes with my employment at Visionworks.  There was a “study” one of the optometrists were working on, a contact study, I initially, said yes, then another employee I worked with, said something about the contact study, and I ended it.

It is possible, that whatever the other employee said, gave wrong or false information about the study, it is why there is an eyeball and a dead body at the beginning of Angels and Demons because Robert Langdon is the real Hannibal Lecter.  Robert Langdon says, Langley.

The tunnels of CERN, I have always liked and been interested in.  The tunnels, especially, I really like, they are very interesting to me.  Very exciting, very interesting.

Is this real dialogue, or has it been edited, of Vittoria scaring people?  Is this in the original movie?  Because that’s me.  Scaring people.  You’re welcome, America.  It’s not a bad thing.

There is a down, camera shot of machinery, that could possibly be an overlay at CERN.

The lighting where the dead body is in the beginning of the movie, interesting.

The glass hallway, Vittoria walks through says, I, Cherith have been seen.

Illuminati code: yes, the real Hannibal Lecter has been – naughty.  Did he have any notion of brain research before I wrote and told him about brain research, or has he been, all these years, trying to figure out why he killed the people he killed?  I doubt it has ever made much sense to him.

I believe, they probably brain-researched the real Hannibal Lecter, for his expertise, his mind, his brain.

Did Dan Brown start writing Angels and Demons in 1994?  It’s what it says to me.

Is this true?  Or, is this a read of Hannibal Lecter, was he unprepared to meet me, by way of contact study when I was such a young woman?  Did it unnerve him, entice him?

The word, consumed, should mean something to Hannibal Lecter, at the time.

Hannibal Lecter is a very astute reader, he is very smart, must be why I like him.

This dialogue, tells me I’m not meant to, faith is a gift that I have yet to receive, Tom Hanks says it very well.  It has lots of meaning.  I haven’t finished it yet.

Hannibal Lecter probably really is an academic, or thought he was before he met me.

Church and science being enemies, this is the author talking or thinking about the real Hannibal Lecter and myself.  We are not enemies, yet I will make sure he mends his ways, and not continue the life of criminal and destruction.

If you could find one that you were one of them is a movie reference to Silence of The Lambs, finding a criminal doesn’t make a person, a criminal.  Finding a terrorist, does not make a person, a terrorist.  Think.

Your favorite, is with this Father, this is a real Russian man from the 1980’s.  My boyfriend would know him, or how to figure out the man they are referencing.

Does the real Hannibal Lecter love, tradition?  Or is it a read?

This word is interesting to me, diagramma.

That is about as far as I got before I needed to shut that side of my brain off.

I haven’t finished Crazy, Stupid, Love, and my read of Tolstoy from Anna Karenina.

This is a detail that says something probably really uninteresting about me, I love Victorian England.  I love that stuff.  It probably says something really uninteresting like Cherith is a warm person, cozy home, people, tradition, agency people would look at it that way.  It is in a lot of movies, as an opposite to me, a cold personality.  Referencing people as having a cold personality.

Victorian goes with Pretorian (Gladiator).

Really, something that should be of concern, I still, or no longer have a norm, a normal, where I am my usual self, a woman who takes care of herself.

It should be of concern.

Simple things like washing my body or hair?  This should be of concern.  It should not be messed with or altered.  It is close to subversive.

It never feels like I’ve done enough writing, in a day.

October 7, 2019: READ: A True Believer

October 7, 2019



The rah-rah speech a million times in 13 Hours, and Amahl starts clapping after Chris Stevens’ speech, is a real read of me while I was working on the Obama campaign.  That Amahl in that scene, when he claps, is a real person who I would have spoken to face to face about politics, and my belief in Obama being the next president, in 2012.

A true believer just means, I was not at the Obama campaign for the glory, or the fame, or to put in on my resume, I actually believed Obama was the best, meaning strongest choice, for America, as President.  And, I spoke over the phone and face to face, with a lot of people.

The rah-rah speech a million times and the CIA tool getting mad at Tanto means there were people, they were sending people into the Obama office to face me, or talk with me, just to see if they could, flub me.  Get me to mess up, not be so nice, be mean, or snarly.  And, these would have been local people with no knowledge whatsoever of my global pull.

The reason another character steps in and starts to explain to the CIA tool that maybe he’s taking the wrong approach to Tanto?  I had just gone through major surgery, a hysterectomy, I was supposed to be on bed rest for six weeks, I went to work as staff on the Obama campaign after four weeks.

I was working 10, 12 hours, and sometimes longer a day.  I would have to listen to conference calls while at home.  I was getting, usually, less than fours hours of sleep.  I would wake up and exercise before I went to work at the Obama campaign.  And, these great minds could not fathom that I should be respected enough for that work alone, as they were, and have been watching me, every minute of the day; they thought I didn’t deserve to be respected by their actions alone, of sending people in to try and upset me.

Probably because I got a big win, a big support from a contact, and this is not about politics being Republican or Democrat these are agencies competing with each other, a big win, no joke, this is so disturbing about the locals here, a big win, for the US.  How very disappointing.

And, I did that work unpaid for months.

I would like someone to explain why I was assaulted again this morning with dust up my nose.  An air-assault is basically telling me, regardless of the scent or smell, being shot with a gun.  It is the only way I will see it anymore.  I have people on my front door, shooting me with guns and the United States does nothing to stop this from happening.

Why is this happening Englishman?

This speaks very poorly about this Californian man who hides in the bushes here, at night, trying to get me to jump, or get spooked.  It doesn’t speak very well about him as a man.  It says, juvenile, also.  How old is he?  Is he still in middle school?  Or is he a grown man?  Is he unable to take orders from me, a woman?  I am very disappointed in him.

If the only reason, you morons had me buy a Sea Shepard hat was because Bin Laden was buried at sea, and some dummy thought I would figure out that it was me that caught Bin Laden, by way of a ball cap purchase?  I won’t thank you for thinking me, so simple.

It is not possible to have an affair, with yourself.  I am David Lindhagen in Crazy, Stupid, Love, it’s why they mispronounce his name over and over, and I am Robbie because Robbie just says, my eight-grade “graduation” ceremony where a penitent man brain-spoke an intelligence man’s name, and a photo was taken, and I said with the expression on my face, as an eight grader, I am better at it, than he is.

This curtain is meant to discourage you from spooning with me, from 13 Hours, I had a curtain on my bedroom window in Plant City.  Did anyone think I would be interested, at all, with my next-door neighbor?  Did they actually use him to listen to my bedroom, listen to what I was watching on television, and listen to me crying myself to sleep, or if I masturbated?  You people are so sick!

Have you actually kept good, straight men that I would be sexually attracted away, to make me lower my standards ABOUT MEN?!  Meaning, if we get her desperate enough, we can use another inferior male with Cherith.  And no one was willing to look – AT HOW THAT FAILED WITH MICHAEL!

Ew, he’s gross, from 13 Hours, that’s a real read of how I felt about my next-door neighbor, and he tried to get into my home where the A/C unit was in the garage, and I wasn’t having it.  That other FBI man, Cal, is a better man.  I really don’t appreciate being underestimated; I really don’t appreciate being handled by women.

I really don’t like being lied to about why I was fired from my previous employer, meaning the only reason I was fired was because I will never be in love with WOMEN!

It is so appalling to see intelligence use another United States citizen in this way, and then pretend it is not as serious as it is.

It is very disturbing.

They had the whereabouts of Bin Laden, and instead of capturing his house, capturing a known terrorist, they had me play parent to the children.  It is disturbing.

Again, we are spending billions of dollars scene, in Zero Dark Thirty, those are all my former managers WASHINGTON DC IS YELLING AT, DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS!  SEND WASHINGTON DC TARGETS TO KILL THROUGH CHERITH!

Billions of dollars, that’s tax-payer money, it’s not a personal account that a private individual was working rogue, or vigilante, this was tax-payer money being used.  Since it is tax-payer money it could be used as code to the public about discrepancies in public office.

Also, I registered to vote at the age of eighteen, a Republican.  My former fiancé was a Democrat.  Some idiot, if it was just Michael, thought I would register as a Democrat because of him.  Right, like I don’t have a mind of my own, I didn’t exist on my own before – MICHAEL?

I have said this over the years, repeatedly, I am financially Conservative, and socially Liberal.  Meaning, I believe it is important for those we elect into public office, that they use our tax-payer money, conservatively, wisely.  While being Liberal about, people.  Either people will understand that, or they won’t.  It does not in any way, give any one authority, or permission to use me, intelligently, inappropriately.  For instance, since I am straight, I will not want to be married to a gay person.  Ah, because it is a lie.

The movie Walk In The Clouds, is code: With Christ.  It’s code that is not learnt, it’s code in the mind’s of at least one man, and Mexico just says, Spanish from Spain, and that says, Spanish royalty.  Nothing more.

Look at those fleshy arms, from 13 Hours is a real read and understanding of genuine interaction Cherith has and had with babies, and it just shows, also, the rage of war is on the battlefield, where it belongs, and not in my heart and mind.  Just like, in, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, the reason it is a comedy, there have been a lot of great men, who have understood, admired, been inspired, and been better that I’ve made them laugh because it tells people American’s aren’t warmongers’, it speaks of skill being able to put that part of your brain away and be a real person, to people who will never see a day of war.

The scene, with the crying child at the hair salon, is a similar scene replayed in other movies, like Moana, most children if you told them a reality like, yesterday, this is how I killed a man, most children would scream or cry, and that is normal, nothing wrong, except, just like Moana who was interested in the scary story about defeating monster’s, at least this child, this Cherith, when she was a child, was not afraid, and wanted to make maps, and military strategy because I thought it was – fun.  Not stressful, not upsetting, not scary – fun.  That is exceptional.

The scene with the crying child and no way to stitch (stitch says, Stitch from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, meaning experiment, not the dog who bit me) the jugular, all your blood will be on the floor in four minutes.  Um, I laughed, a lot.  It actually happened.  A man actually did that.  It’s funny not because he’s dead (UP), it’s funny because well, the truth is, very few people might understand why it is funny.  If a person threatens a world leader like the US president and it is a kill or be killed scenario, the person who kills the threat is not sorry.  They made the country a safer place by removing the threat.

I don’t like my hair color at the moment, I don’t like having red, or reddish hair, anymore.

The airbag recall on my vehicle is meant to fool someone, not me.  It just says, 1980.

Edison is not able, in my mind to ever be a proxy for any intelligence person.  He is not able.

If the only reason for the Botham Jean news story is because they used the Twistee Treat in Plant City as a cover, meaning they were using the people in the store as a way to get information on my mother and, or, myself, they look completely, clueless.

Someone killed my monkey, Zero Dark Thirty.  The most any of them could say, would be the clothes me or my mother wore, what we ordered, and how we looked.  It is not really good intelligence work, the most it could be would be local, police.

Casey has penis envy.  She will never be a man.  Enough said and written.

You asked for it asshole, from 1900, it is in Sherlock, I didn’t put it there, it is in the episode of Sherlock, that Brianna took her clothes off to impress, David.  I’m done talking and writing about them both.

I don’t work for any governmental agencies.  I am not working, anymore.  Looks like, regardless of what happened the other day, you either don’t want to work with me, or you don’t need me, or the world is still waiting for me, to die.

October 7, 2019: READ: WARNING: MY Unborn Child

October 7, 2019



Somebody needs to tell me; this really isn’t true.  Someone needs to tell me my own government really didn’t do this to me.  To my unborn child.  To my future family.  Before I really get angry.

I regret everything about Michael.  I regret every moment, I ever had with Michael.  I do not have one memory of Michael that I will take with me, until the end of time.  He never, for one moment, had my heart.  It was quite obvious.  It doesn’t take a reader of people to see, I never loved Michael.

How I wish I had been on birth-control, and never gone internationally with Michael.

Somebody needs to tell me that our own US intelligence did not, once it was confirmed I was pregnant, our own US intelligence, this FBI man, did not use my unborn child as a bartering tool, by placing death threats and such upon my person, to entice foreign persons to enter the United States’ borders – just as a way to capture these men.

Because you failed.

If that is what happened, just as is seen in one of the Bourne movies, I’m going to wait until the next guys tries to kill you – you failed.  You failed, and it is seen in the movie, Infinity War, with this dialogue, there was no other way.

This California man because I have no other way to reference him, is seen in 13 Hours, as the guy who super-charges the wi-fi, and that is just to say, he is a computer guy.  Meaning, being able to read people intelligently like this German man did, my Germany father read Michael in a second and lost his fucking shit because my Germany father is a brain-thinker, and a brain-thinker is a person that can think, like a chess game, not just for the present circumstance, but for years and decades.  Decades.

It is possible, Osama Bin Laden would never have been news, had I remained in California, when I was asked by my mother to go to California.  My mother had already asked me to leave once, go to military school, something I love, I said, no.  Go to California, ok, I’ll go.  Very similar to Penny in The Rescuers when asked to go get the diamond.

This Californian man is seen as Neo, from The Matrix, waking up to his computer screen, Follow the white rabbit.  That was a lesson for him to learn.  He was and is, supposed to follow me.  He, in recent months has shown me, he doesn’t have it, he cannot do it.  He might be good at other work, but he has failed to realize the full gravity of decisions.

I see no one here who understands, the severity – of insults, and the consequences they bring.

This man sent me back to Florida because he was not interested in being my boyfriend.  However, did he even think he could have been a guy friend at all?  A guy I knew?  He had no more interest in doing more work with me than what he had done at the restaurant?  That should have been a flag, to someone.

A guy who had just done some excellent work thwarting and capturing terrorists and terrorism, and he did not want to work with me, the person who helped bring him that information, again?  It says, insecure.

I am trying really hard, to reign in my rage, this Californian man is seen in this dialogue, in 13 Hours, and this is really more serious than it appears which is why it is in 13 Hours the movie that is trying to correct mistakes, my daughter’s drinking, and the drinking is supposed to represent sex, it is to say, my daughter’s having sex, and the tone the actor says the line is an accurate read of this Californian man, not being able to fully realize, everything that was at stake with me, my person, my family, and my body.

How is it, I know my name?

The danger to me returning to Florida, has nothing to do with the real Hannibal Lecter, and that means I probably know the real Hannibal Lecter’s name, it is probably what they spoke (inaudibly) to me, and I slightly turned my head to the parking lot in front of me, and gave a small nod.

This FBI man did he really figure out, or was it someone else, that my name is Weapons?  It is the reason I was hired, I knew my name, as Weapons.  This name was given to me.  Given to me.  I didn’t make it up.  I didn’t ask for it.  It was given to me, as a child, in California.  How many decades did it take them, working with me everyday to figure out, my name is Weapons?

My German man, my Germany father did not get out-ranked, or out-voted, he was not in the country when it happened.  He was not in country.

I am really appalled.

October 6, 2019: READ: Very Dangerous

October 6, 2019



Be aware, the title of this post, is not code.

That really did happen to me, around the time I was working at Dillard’s, just like it is seen in the movie, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, and how embarrassing, I am the Zohan, not because of his bum because the opening sequence with the Zohan impressing, effortlessly, everyone on the beach, is me, at least in one man’s mind.

Your front-page news, about Bella, in Twilight, with Bella responding, No, I’m not, is a real read about how I feel about it.  I do not seek this attention.  That’s why its embarrassing, I am not nervous about it, I just don’t seek it out.  Nothing more.  I mean, Jesus Fucking Christ, how many movies and television shows am I in?!

That really did happen to me at a hair salon with my scheduled appointment, the person who was supposed to cut my hair, was not in the shop.  The “manager” or whomever this person was, when she told me, she was really expecting me, meaning, she had already had in her mind what she thought, how she thought I would respond, that I would cancel my appointment, to have the other person cut my hair.  In my mind, it was no big deal.  Yeah, he’s okay.

Don’t get swayed by all this notion of gayness about cutting hair.  Follow that if you want to – it will get you nowhere.  I believe that has been more than proven, by now.

Michael, in You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, is not my former fiancé, he is another man, another actor, in one other man’s mind.

This highly skilled, highly trained man that took over my hair appointment because it does have 13 Hours in it, highly trained, highly skilled military man took, hair cutting lessons, to be able to get close to me.  Probably, my hair being the closest approximation to my map head, and the danger, in the salon, was for him.  Not me.

It looks like is was also, very successful.  Multiple insurgents.

She was surprised, he – was working.  Meaning, I knew immediately, he had work to do.  I get it.  Calm the fuck down.  If you don’t know how to work without getting excited, get out of my way and room.

Um, and he was NOT on the Palestinian side of town, he looked very American.  The danger was to him, not me.

I need your report on yellowcake, it’s coming, from 13 Hours, this, it’s coming just says, sit.  Report on Yellowcake, just says Washington DC, its about how they did not get reports, or work done in Washington DC, until after I submitted my grades, or report card, in order to be reimbursed for my college tuition.  I’ve already written, waiting until after the semester, after the grades were published to get work orders and plans done in Washington DC, is too late.  That reality, on the ground, takes too long.

Please, for the safety and protection of people, stop believing you are more important than you are because you believe yourself to be in a movie, you might not like how they’ve put you in movies and television, and I actually would prefer for any person to not have to feel the embarrassment of any bad work done on their part.  Please, put your egos away.  They do not belong here, they do not belong I my room, they do not belong on my team.

Interesting detail, I believe the retail store Target uses, the terminology of team member for their employees.

What else does anyone think the FBI, CIA, or any other intelligence agency do, other than capture and kill known threats and wanted persons because they’ve committed crimes?

It is grossly astonishing to discover our own intelligence had the known whereabouts, by way of my person, of Bin Laden, and you – sat – on the information, for what, truthfully, as I see, looks like fear.  Afraid to attack and kill Bin Laden.  Well, I would agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

The United States of America is not now, nor has it EVER been, afraid.

America, and Americans, I don’t want a single one of you to let this thinking and notion, enter your hearts.  We are not afraid.

13 Hours, the movie, is specifically about correcting a lot of mistakes.

Brain-thinking, having a brain palace, another way to say, brain palace, is through the game of chess, being able to out-think, and out guess your opponent, in so many moves.  Is this truly the term used to call people who are chess champions, grandmasters?  A grandmaster at catching flies, in 13 Hours, says, Jewish.

I was given the key to this mostly nursing courses college, University, to lock up every night, I was on the night shift, and it was my responsibility to lock all the doors, turn off all the lights, and I was all by myself, every night, when I turned the bolt.  There was not a security guard with me, or other personnel with me, I was by myself, with no support.

I very much doubt that any persons, who might have had information about who I was, had any information about the problems they placed within the building itself.  The problems were not threats, they just read as problems, and they could have been something as evidence taken from a real crime scene, and not being stored where they store real evidence from a real crime scene.  As a matter of national security, it doesn’t really say much, does it?

When you walked into the main front entrance where the “receptionist” was, go down the corridor, make a right, past some doors, there was a bulletin board on the wall with news about courses and such, and the problems were in the drop ceiling panels, in creases or along the edge of the wall and ceiling, on the right.  It’s really not code for anything, so don’t follow it, it will get you nowhere, it is just a detail, nothing more.

I doubt the building is the same anymore.

The very reason they had this out-of-state woman take over and want me to drive her around, highly paid chauffeurs (13 Hours) is not at this employment, it says this woman wanted to be photographed by traffic cameras, to be seen in my car and vehicle.  My response?  My authority?  My thinking?  No, I’m not gonna do that.  I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t back down, and I didn’t let that happen.  Your welcome, America.

Another paying job and employment I had to resign from because seriously guys, this is the best you can do?  The best way our intelligence is able to gather information and intel is to threaten my income, and then ask me to pay for things, repairs to my home, my vehicles, doctor’s visit’s while not having enough income to get the work done.

No, I’m not gonna do that.

When I worked at The Container Store, I was given a key to the store, I returned it when I resigned from that employment.  The key they gave me at The Container Store DOES NOT go together with this other employment where this woman wanted to be photographed in my car.

The key they gave me at The Container Store says, Zero Dark Thirty, he’s the key to Bin Laden, meaning I am the key to capture Bin Laden.  Do not get them confused.

I would want to know why this woman wanted in my vehicle, so badly, a green Ford Focus.  No, I’m not gonna do that.

I am really sick, and tired of this news being displayed and used over and over again.  I am not the President of The United States, President Trump is the President of The United States – AND, I AM NOT HIS FUCKING PROXY!




I’ll send Boone, boom, you’re good, from 13 Hours, who’s the moron that believed the beer in Tyrone’s hand was a problem, and that is why I was given non-alcoholic beer?  There is a reason the beer bottle is in Cherith’s (Tyrone’s) hand, it is to show, she knows how to handle her alcohol.  She knows, and has been seen drinking, and is still able to work.  That is why Agent Alex, does not have a beer, or alcohol.

Who is the dumb moron who believes that the only way and the way to access Cherith’s brain, is through her vagina?  Wow, you look like a moron.  Wow, does this thing talk?  Um, no.  Um, does this thing think?  Um, no.  This is how stupid you look, the only way to get Cherith to work for you, is to get her to orgasm.  Yeah, you morons look real fucking smart, right about now.

The Weapons Of Mass Destruction is what?  A quivering vagina?  OR A GODDAMN, SMARTER-THAN-FUCK, FUCKING BRAIN!  YOU DUMB FUCKS!

Um, that’s why it was Cherith’s brain, with David’s dick.

You need to clean out your head, David, it’s really revolting to me, for you to be seen by military men, as you, psychologically getting off, on making me feel bad about myself.

And, who’s the dumb MORONS that have led David, to believe such dumb shit!  David, stop believing in them, whoever this is, your brain is better than you’ve thought.

Is this really true, David, did you really change after you spent time with me through Edison?  Did you mellow?  Or, were you pretending and doing just what you were told to do?

They sprayed Jew-haters smell up my nose again, last night when I was smoking a cigarette, and they used Brianna’s voice to say something out loud, I responded with, get out of my neighborhood, bitch.  I’ve warned you people too many times about removing people like Brianna, a person I will never approve of, she has already proven she is not in control of her emotions or mind.  It is the equivalent of being punched in the face and not responding back.  She punched me in the face, first.  If someone starts shooting at you, shoot back.

What they’ve just shown me about her jealousy is that Brianna looks responsible, and complicit in a scheme that led to my hysterectomy.  In my mind that makes her an enemy of the state, meaning an enemy of the United States.  If it is true.  You’ve failed to protect me in this matter, if this is true.  That’s a big alarm that went unnoticed, if true.

SAFP photo, looks sexually perverse, disturbing, sexual perversion.

I have much more; however, this looks like this needs to get publish quickly.

October 5, 2019: READ: WARNING: DAVID

October 5, 2019


He gets his jollies pushing around Alphas because he can, from 13 Hours, is a read from a military man about, David.  Meaning, David has been psychologically getting off being able to make me feel bad, and feel bad about myself, making himself feel better because he’s made me feel bad, and unloved.  Mostly, he uses women to do so.

When it was supposed to be, as it has been made to appear to me, he was supposed to be a means and a way to get intel and military work.  He has also allowed his girlfriend’s ex’s and current’s to do the same.  Push me around, make me feel bad about myself instead of getting military, or intel work done.

It’s more than a concern.  It is close to subversion.  It is not supporting the works of the United States government.

It’s a little more than warped for a mind like his.  It says juvenille.  He has the knowledge to be a better person, and he chooses to be an anger-monster.  An anger-monster.  He’s much too old for that.

This information is more than disappointing.  People have been using it against him, it is another reason they force this unwanted weight upon my flesh.

He’s in real trouble, in my mind.  It’s a deal-breaker.

September 16: READ: WARNING: Oh My F’ing God!

September 16, 2019


I didn’t proofread this. This is an all-male household and neighborhood, no WOMEN ALLOWED!  It suggests that David knowingly hurts me with his women because he enjoys watching me hurt and suffer.  Stay away from me, David.

Oh my God, oh my God, Oh my God, oh my God!  Oh my f’ing God!  Please everyone, stop pretending any of you have the vaguest notion of what the actual code is in movie, television, and most specifically, in Sherlock.

Did any of you think you were in any way protecting me by telling me, I cannot go underneath the belt?  The reason they claim they fired me.

Have I committed suicide?  Have I committed Hari Kari?  No.

The Royal guard who dies from a knife in his belt, this episode of Sherlock, please stop pretending you people have any knowledge of my childhood, my life, and who I actually am.  It was not meant for you to take into your own hands.  It was meant for me to discover, and learn, and know, this is about me, and nothing more.  Please stop decoding as if it was Gospel.  Literal.

Some of you didn’t actually know you were in these films and television until I wrote about it and told you.  My boyfriend, God love him, didn’t realize that was not actually him in the film, either.  And, I wrote, I would have approved him, I didn’t say I did approve him, yet.  I had to work with him.

It is also in Twilight, if you were smart, you wouldn’t want to be my friend.  Well, guess fucking what?  I didn’t.  I told you not to let him near me; however, there are more people involved then are sometimes seen, or in film.  I did discover that when I got to work, not everything was, let just say, not everyone is a reader, and some men are better at it then others.  He is a rather interesting man because of it.  He is able to read people off of other people, not everyone is able to do that.  Or, perhaps, if truth be told, he’s learned it off of me, he’s learned it from me.

I told you people, you should have been shoving dick in my face, all these years, instead of hands and loneliness.

I didn’t want to alarm anyone, mostly myself, I got so overheated, dehydrated, from just a few short minutes, it really is no laughing matter, being overcome by the heat, and heat, can happen in a matter of minutes.  Check the statistics.  Check the fatality statistics of body temperatures.  It can happen in a matter of minutes and most people are not able to do anything about it.

I thought I was ok, other than I couldn’t get out of bed, too much acid in my stomach, I heaved all the bile, and a coughing fit started, not much coughing, and it looked like blood, I was coughing up blood.  It’s a little extreme.

I’m ashamed of you all.