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September 22, 2018

Is there anyone who can read a full newspaper every day?  Is there anyone who can read several newspapers every day?  Is there anyone who can decode an entire newspaper every day?

It is beyond difficult.  I do what I am able.  And, that does not feel like much.

Because this is a whole-body experience.  I have a physical reaction to a lot of it.  It is unlike anything else in the world.  People who have these skills and do these types of jobs have a different lifestyle, income, and means.


It feels, slower.  Slowed down.  Containable.  Good work.

It is an injustice to me how very little I know of the outside world.  In four years, politics, people, history has all changed and I know not of what has happened.

I see a problem.  A problem different from anything I have written about before.  With a long-term goal and destination.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  I do not feel comfortable describing it in any further detail.

Because this story is everywhere I want to shut it up.  It is not the calves.


Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




September 22, 2018


I like to be sure.  I have waited and done checks to be sure.  I do not like to create undue drama and alarm; however, I believe it is about Murphy.  Because we are family.  Because it will always be family.  Because it will always be my family.  Because it will not be an adopted diaper-wearing family.  And, because it is me.

Like I said, an obsession, a sickness, and a deviousness.

Someone was waiting for it to happen.  Someone on the inside.  With knowledge.

I don’t like it.


It could be a slower plan.  One that would not raise immediate alarms.  One that would take awhile to be noticed.  One that might have multiple steps before it would be a problem.

It could be personal about me, my person, and my writing.  Someone I would never know otherwise.

It could be a slower plan rather than a frontal attack.

Very disturbing.


Four Days Off – Something’s Wrong

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




September 22, 2018

Need I remind you that since 2014, I have had only 4 days off with pay.  Would you be able – because this is the comparable – to work a television show every day for more than four years with only 4 days off?  I didn’t think so.  Also, people who work on a television show have staff, money and income, and more staff.  What is done to me is a constant upgrade in difficulty for everyday living and my everyday life.

Instead of receiving an order and delivering it as ordered I am at a constant fix this problem, return this item and do it this way instead, do this, then do that, no, do it this way now, no, do it this way now, and so on and so forth.

I am so sick of pizza.  Sick of potato chips.  Sick of junk food and not being able to eat as I would normally.  I heard my brother while at work.  He said, Cherith.  I am behind you, Cherith.  100%.  Of course, I ordered family pizza with a coke zero for more than one reason.  My brother is still my family.

What has happened to my real father?  Something is off there.  I feel nothing.

If you haven’t figured it out I am not interested in being adopted into any family of any sort, any kind, or at all.  It is as if to say my family is not good enough, I am not good enough, and I needed to be adopted by someone I would NEVER WANT AROUND!

Something has been wrong for several hours.  2:01 am.  Then, I understand that a person has been informed of my pizza purchase.  A family purchase.  A family pizza.  I have been so uncomfortable I have been unable to barely move or make noise.  I’ve barely spoken to my cats.

No, I do not believe anyone is able to keep me safe.  Because I am still here.  Still in this complex.

Know this I am going to be very careful with spending until I have my means of transportation back where it belongs.

It is not the day of the week.  It is not the number of the day.  It is for family alone.  I agree with Tim.  David and I are not good together.  I am good for David.  He is better around me.  However, he does not have the same effect upon me.  Just look at me.

Thursday has been used incorrectly in my home in front of the television.  Thursday was never a pusher.  Thursday was relaxed, calm, joyful, bright, happy to be around me, happy to discover things and animals.  And, no I do not and have not believed in pet-mates.  It is beyond disgusting.

Like all of my animals, this is what I give them; the freedom to be themselves, yet mannerly.

Tim has chosen very stable, good family men.  This is what I’ve seen.

I know that David has used the virtual hands.  However, I was unaware of who it was until after the fact.  I did not say, yes you may enter my home, my mind, and my body – ever.  I did not need training wheels.  I did not need to date him or anyone else through another person.  It has done permanent damage that will not be undone.  He could have spoken with me personally, approached me, he never has.  That says more about David than it does about me.  It is a hurt and heart-break that will never heal.  Not to mention isn’t he married?!  He did virtual hands while married?!  Gross!

The only way to get better is for me to move on.

Something feels very wrong again – all around me.

I see how there has been a selling point in this sleeping virtually with me.  Just because your married doesn’t mean you stop fantasizing about other women.  You’re not technically cheating on your wife to fantasize about other women.

Except there is a difference because they do have to do something to be able to see me while I am at home.  I NEVER agree to it.  I NEVER allow it.  I have no choice in the matter.

…something’s wrong.


Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




 September 20, 2018

How she was able to get access to me while I was at work as she had been admitted into a facility, I do not know.  It was a mistake.  She tried to get me to disconnect two spotted people – I WILL NOT!

This will not be able to go away.  They are my animals.  My pets.  This protection for my animals will not be going away.  Must not go away.

There was panic and uncertainty in the building on September 18, 2018.  Not a good sign that I was so late in getting to work.  Not a good working environment when I arrived there.

Let me go back a few weeks ago, as Murphy the man’s proxy, and his proxy shoulder were introduced to me at work.  Because he disagrees with what is taking place at my work.  I saw the look on his face as they were talking in his ear.  He has respect for them.  He believes in the offices they hold.  He believes it is better to do it accurately rather than satirically.  Because he saw the events in April 2018.  He saw me and what I did in April 2018.  He does not like to belittle persons and the offices they hold when there is other work that is done by me that is so much more than anyone thought or dreamed could happen before I did it.

He was impressed by them in a, I can’t believe who I am actually communicating with.  I am not.  I never have been.  Because I have never sought this out.  It has been brought to me.  There is nothing wrong with either of those responses.

Let me remind you that in the middle of 2014, I was told by a reporter through the television that this arrangement and my life in this way would only last one to two years.  It has been more than four years now.

The success of it belongs to me and me alone.

I know that she has been using the success of the events in April 2018 and attributing it to her.  She is wrong.  It belongs to me and me alone.  How do I know that?!  Because no one, no news, there has been no commination as such, yet I know she is using it as leverage to retain her employment and control.  She is wrong.  It is because of me and me alone.

I have been here.  I have been doing this work all along.  How many more stories do I need to write?

Here is another example: An executioner in your lineage?  To whom was he an executioner?  Or why else would it have been written in history.  It doesn’t matter if Obama Charles wore the same jacket and rode the same motorcycle as James Franco they do not look like the same person.

I fundamentally disagree with pressure washing.  I fundamentally disagree with a cleaning list.

I fundamentally disagree with the baby car seat.  She has been trying to cover up her medical mistake for years.  Through the central nervous system?  They have illegally placed apparatus through my organs and central nervous system?  They need to pay for such abominations!  Need I remind you without my consent.

I fundamentally disagree with testing.  I have more than proven I do not need to be tested.  I am already there.  I have been here all along.

No, professor I did not walk by you on purpose.  Fast start is not San Francisco, nor do I believe I need a professor to my left.  It is nothing personal about you or your person.  She is wrong is all.  It was not a very good tracing of your writing either.  I have never done any work with forgeries per se, yet I believe it was not that good.

Correct this is exactly the type of work I am not interested in.  Yeah, I heard him, and he agrees with me.  There is better work for me to do.  Downloading a check list of information every night to report and not write about.  How very drawl.

I did not use his name on purpose.  It is not in my nature to do so.  I find it very gauche.  It is not the name or the title that will impress me it is the person.  I mean no disrespect, I simply wish to express how very little I care for showiness.  It is about what is proper and what was taken and stolen from me without my knowledge and if it can happen to me then what is to stop it from happening to other people?

There was some excitement from the UK on September 18, 2018.  If it wasn’t for the other travesties I was working through perhaps I would have been able to write about it sooner.  Because I find it most lovely, wonderful, and a great thing for there to be enthusiasm and enjoyment from people.  I was not – as always – looking at the size and shape of their bodies.  It must be attributed to the love, admiration, and truth in governments, and what is able to happen when working together.

Truly a wonderful thing.

Hollywood, actors, do not take this personally, you must leave the building – at once.  It is not about any person or actors or movies – personally.  There are very real problems about.  There are very real threats about and I do not believe it is in your best interest to be about.  Nor do I believe it is safe for you to be about.

This is what I see and have seen for some time.  Read now or regret it later.  There was such a buzz about the air after the event in April 2018.  It was louder than shouting to me.  It was louder than every piece of equipment and housing and writing SHOUTING at me.  Because it was such a success.  The threat to that success is very real.  What I see is how that success will be turned into embarrassment and shame of nearly every person involved that it will almost entirely be stricken from history.

Do you think any man who has participated and viewed me sexually will want to be written about and recalled by me and perhaps history as a pervert, a disgrace, a voyeur, a sexual deviant, and perpetrator?

The magnitude of the success has a real threat to being taken away entirely because of the method used to keep me alone.  Listen now or regret it later.

Guess what, in thirty years the cost of living has gone up while my hourly wage has not.  I am only earning the wage I was making thirty years ago.  There is no excuse for that.  I am more than qualified, I have years and decades of experience to have a real job earning a real wage where I could take care of myself.  So, I am quite literally living off of potato chips and beer to stay alive.

I did take the waffle potato chips and dunk it into the head of my Guinness considering it is potato chips and beer that was tasty.  It’s too bad this lasagna has no flavor.  I did not except it to, it is all I could afford is all.

I do not believe in coding food purchases and ordering coded food for the most part.  It limits me to eating beer and potato chips.  I am not a teenager anymore.  I need real food.  However, the wine is lovely for the cost of it.  I am glad to see there is agreement of opinion there.

I was talking in my head at work as to the work I have done with my cats and animals.  They are who they are because of me, what I have done for them, and the work I have done for them.  When the work on the line gave me an agreement of opinion.  I, the he, I have been writing about for a few days was communicating with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  Forgive me if that is not the proper way to mention or write about him.

It makes no never mind to me, I was just surprised is all.  Why people are interested I still do not know.  I would apologize for the language I used because of his audience, however it was very appropriate given the person I was speaking about, nor do I feel bad for having such a strong opinion.

An example, we had given a cat to a neighbor when I visited them in their home.  This once calm kitten that lived in my home has turned into a spaz.  I could tell the cat had been exposed to marijuana.  This cat ran around the house frantic and spazzy.  It made me sad.  It is just different is all.  I do not blame them or judge them.  I just would have treated the cat differently.

I believe in bringing out the best in animals and people rather than hurting, harming, or trying to control them.

No, it is not a positive experience for me to turn me into a pot-bellied pig because of the President and Vice President of The United States.  It is used to keep me from his shoulder and no other reason.

Now, a theory for anyone interested.  If you look at fashion – do not look to me at the moment as my clothes are not my own currently – from the time of WWII.  Around 1940’s, I see such an extraordinary display of courage, depth of emotion, resilience, resistance to tyranny, and the absolute belief that good must win over evil.  I look at the cut of the cloth, the lines that drape the silhouette, the cloth used that is not disposable but will endure and last for years and years beyond the time of its trend and fashion, it is surprisingly romantic in its approach and reaction to the life everyone had to live as how many people sacrificed, went without, so that those fighting would have every chance at winning.

Do I believe that it was necessary to ration food – no.  Non.  The thinking behind it has no dollar amount.  To think that people not in the war needed a physical reminder of the effort – is beyond me.  It is illogical.  I liken it to bad parenting.  It is as if to say that people were not capable of reading and forming opinions of their own and creating their own effort of support.

Considering The Great Depression and its effect on the Global economy does not mean that people were no longer capable.  It is as if to say people were so unconcerned, it is as if to say that the government believed its constituents to be nothing more than children that needed nap-time, time-outs, and strict parenting.  When had the approach been one of earnest truth and sincerity – well, perhaps the war would have been won sooner.

To answer a question, I am simply not interested in spending the time it would take to scrap and razor off the privacy currently on my moon windows.  It is just not worth investing more time, money, and effort into a place that is not real and not my own.

To be understood, I had and have dropped more than a 100 pounds, of course I wanted a beautiful man who wanted me so much he couldn’t stop touching me, and it was nothing more than passion and desire.  I never wanted a two party, two-person system.  Nobody would want that.  I wanted to be loved for real.  I want to be loved for real.

Let me remind you if I was able to write about my cats for real as stories where their character was revealed rather than describing their attributes, Barney would be one of the most revered and loved characters of all time.  Barney is one of those characters you read about and live within you the rest of your days.  Barney is one of those people you might meet in life that allow the world to be a better place.  If only I could write him, you would see.


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September 20, 2018




Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.



September 20, 2018







Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-America men.  This is about properness and correctness.




September 19, 2018

Items to be cleared up.  I have been told in my head to only write Coffee and Breakfast’s.  No other titles.  Perhaps because it has the word fast in it.  Perhaps because of a food program.  I will no longer fulfill this request.

Let me explain; stand still envision a radius around yourself at the horizon.  Then add 360 degrees in circumference in your mind, body, and sight.  Then, have a person – this is what it feels like – fling information, images, people, persons, actions, vehicles, employments, offices, colors, nationalities, clothing, gender, sex, religion, and more.  Then, process the images and information and speak the truth either in your head or out loud as to what you see – as soon as you see it.  It feels like someone throwing in every direction – constantly.

Nobody in their own mind has a constant inner monologue.  Nobody says in their mind, I am going to turn the light on.  You just do it.  Nobody says in their mind, I am going to raise my arm, I am going to walk these steps, I am going to sit down with this and that.  You just do it.

I merely wanted to slow it down and nothing more.  No other slights to any other persons.  I merely wanted it to slow down.  I do not do guess, and I do not like being worn to a nub.

My once sharp mind.  I used to take care of my finances by myself.  I used to take care of my father’s finances by myself.  I used to take care of my mother’s finances by myself.  I used to take care of all the household finances by myself.  All the passwords, all the usernames, all the details of every bit of information relating to the household and my family, by myself.  I never needed to write any of it down to remember it, my mind was that sharp I could remember and randomize without thinking about it.  Now…damage has been allowed and done.

Think about that for a moment.  Think about the ability it takes to keep track of that amount of work, keep it organized in your mind, and never worry it will be lost.

It is not the image of a filing cabinet with endless length that stores my brain information.  My brain is much more efficient than a filing cabinet.  There is not an image that I could write correctly.

These nameless persons have never seen me, they did not think it through before they started.

It feels personal.  What I felt about last night is that it is personal to him and has become a personal matter.  Not just for myself.  For humanity.  Good.

They should be fired, immediately.  They are a team that should be removed from the building immediately.

She has been creating this diversion to unsettle me, attempting to create anxiety in my person so that I will not be able to do the real work.  It is not my fault that I am better than she is.  It is not my fault that I am able to do more than she.  It is not my fault that I am the person that I am without her, her help, or her team.

I find it mortifying and disgusting that a compulsive liar with an alcohol and sex addiction has been allowed access anywhere near me.  It is beyond disgusting if it is true that she has been allowed to look at me naked, or film me having sex, or while masturbating.  Beyond disgusting.  Beyond mortifying.

Beyond repulsive that I am having to write about my sex life, the lack of it, and the type of sex.  Beyond repulsive.  There is no other person who must do such a thing.

I heard my brother, he had no idea.  Had he known their intentions, their plans, what they were going to do, the extent of their persons and character, he would never have helped them or given them any information.  None.  My brother is not that unintelligent.

I want you to think about the seriousness of their actions.  Since this has been going on for me since 2012, yet their surveillance has been going on for decades.  Think about what sort of person does these actions and their behaviors.  Think about how you would feel if this was done to a family member of yours.  How would you feel about it?  What would you do about it?

Annoying was the word I used when I saw her.  Annoying.  Hardly an insult.  If a person is not able to withstand the word annoying – THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED!


I will remind you it is their jobs to keep me employed, not to drain my entire paycheck before it is in the bank!  It is their job to keep me employed as a true family and not as a homeless addict and vagabond!

I will say this work should be done and completed at once, so he can return to his cleaned and correct angle.  I am not interested in endless washings.  I am not going to wash, and then rewash, and then rewash, and then rewash, and then rewash.  I am waiting for the work to be done first.  Like any smart person would do.

Before I walked to get my mail.  It is exercise, it is fresh air, it reduces the use of natural resources, it is smart.  Before I got my mail when I was out running.  It was never just one action alone.  Like most people.  Now it has become a lock problem.  Because someone thought it would be fun to play house rather than allow me to live my life to its fullest.

If I were you, I would fire them.  I would get different workers.