July 17, 2019: READ: WARNING: I Know A Better Way: DAY SHIFT!



July 17, 2019

This man is not a strategist, not a planner, not a thinker, not really.  He is good at other things; however not as a planner or strategist, and the cost of his ineptitude has been millions of dollars, Euros, and money spent, years of people’s lives ruined with bad and inappropriate sexual relationships, heartache, heart break, emotional damage and pain, and the deaths of many people.  All of it completely avoidable by simply asking me in a question rather than a complicated scheme.  And, I would have given you the answer freely – in a matter of minutes.

Minutes.  Minutes rather than years and years of lives ruined, people, like my mother that are now dead because of the poor planning and ineptitude, and devastation that could all have been avoided had they asked me in the form of a question, given context, and just asked.  It is truly atrocious.

I am telling you; I know a better way.

This was a murder plot.  There was a murder plot that intelligence received information about against you David because I was so heart-broken, upset, hurt, and in pain at the loss of you and your friendship.  Devastated.  I was clearly in mourning for you and it started – before you went to University.

It looks like the chatter sounded alarms, and then went away, then alarms, then went away.  It went on like this for years, and you didn’t know it, David.

I know a better way.

This is how they investigated a murder plot against David.  They set up Edison as a date to investigate this murder plot against David.  It is not the only reason they did this; however, what a dumb, stupid thing to do.

Obviously, I in no way would want anything but David’s best happiness for his life, I love him, I have loved him.  I saw him and I loved him, very soon after meeting him.  It didn’t matter to me that he had crooked teeth, or was a little too skinny, or his education level, economic level.  I didn’t ask him to change anything, or be anything different, or change his hairstyle, or his clothes, or anything because I loved him just as he was.  Because I saw him for who he really was.  It is a big difference and it puts things into context because a lot of what has been missing in your communications to me has been, context.

The very reason I didn’t write sooner about the profile of the German chancellor was context.  I would never do that to you FBI man, I actually like you; however, you hire people, I would never hire, you work with people I would never work with for reasons that should be very obvious to people now.  Your jealousy of my ability is not a good look on you.  It is damaging you and your reputation.  If anything, I can help you from having to follow orders that go against your own instinct.  So, put your jealousy away.  It is most unbecoming.

A murder plot against David and they decided to concoct a plan by having me date Edison and David marry Courtney.  What a dumb and stupid idea and plan.  Edison is obviously gay; he would obviously be happy in a relationship with a black man about his same height and build.  Why he has not been allowed this, I have no idea.  I honestly, have no idea how many times, I said no to Edison.  Why they would force this on me, I have no idea.  Courtney has already announced; she is a lesbian.  Why they would set-up David and myself who are both as straight as they come, I have no idea.  It just looks like complete idiocy.

The only reason that makes any sense would be to subvert, damage, destroy, and harm military planning and missions.

I have spoken and written about my father being a man who, I think, identifies himself with black men.  Now, what has been displayed and shown to me since 2012, you people have no idea what it is to be a South African, to grow up in South Africa, and to be a white South African.  No idea.  You think it is just the color of their skin, and it is not.  It has to do with a bond, unlike any other I have ever seen in the world, and I have seen it in my father.  A bond like brothers, of friendship that is unlike any other in the world.  Again, I have seen it in my father.  It has been read on me.  Obviously.

My father is as straight as they come, just like me, just like my mother.  It has nothing to do with sex.  You people make it appear as though you have no idea what it is like to have a bond and friendship with men, with straight men.  None of you have fought in battle and have a friendship and bond that will never go away?  You people look like idiots!

They placed David in a relationship and marriage with a lesbian to get to me, for what looks like the only reason and purpose of damaging brain-speaking that LITERALLY SAVES LIVES AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SAVES MILITARY LIVES!  OF OUR MILITARY AND OUR ALLIES!  I LITERALLY SAVE LIVES!

And, they did it again.  With Prince Harry.

It is literally what it looks like.  Honestly, I would love to be able to write all is well and you can be on your way, but it is a lie.  And, I wouldn’t do that to you Harry.

You won’t like to read this, Harry, and I am sorry for you because it will hurt.  I do not in any way write it to hurt or harm you.  I would rather I didn’t have anything else to do with you, but they have made me.  I am sorry for you.  You are a lot like me, wanted a family and to be loved.  Lonesome for family and that kind of life like I am.  How they got to plot against you, I have no idea.

The very reason I have facial and body growing hair spray in my nose all day and night here and at work tells me that people are aware your wife is carrying on a lesbian affair, a woman she has loved for a very long time.  People are aware of it.  She does not read that she is in love with you.  I see many people who have questions about the paternity of your child, and they are correct that it is not 100%.  It is what I see in their minds.

I am sorry.  This is most difficult to write, and I really don’t want to do; however, it is the truth.

I am most aggrieved, Harry.  This also looks true.  This is within your house, your own people, where you said something as simple as, I’ll have salt and pepper on my scrambled eggs, and someone took it as code for me, for you giving permission of the removal of my uterus.  The plot for the removal of my uterus.  I would be able to tell you who it was.  Harry, you look completely unaware of their meaning.  The reason they wanted to deny me children and an alliance with you looks – military.

I suggest you all stop punching me in the head!

Harry is rather good and enjoys military work and his career in the military.  I’ve seen it.  It is good.

They placed David in a relationship with Brianna just to diminish David.  After 9/11, they used it as a way to have me read in David he was no longer the man, I saw in him at college.  It was what they did to prevent more attacks, murder plots and so on.

Really there is a much better way.

They placed David in a relationship and marriage with a lesbian to subvert and damage military plans, planning, missions, and lives.  I would never do that to you David.  There’s really, a better way.

They have been trying to use me as a teacher and proxy to Harry’s wife, to try and make her look, literally, stronger, it hasn’t worked or been working.  Most likely, for the very reason, she is a lesbian.

This military man from the movie, Black Hawk Down that helped the other side by given them communications, is gay.  Has lived a homosexual life; however, it is not true.  He is turned on by me, he was sexually aroused and turned on by me, and wanted – more.  Then, he isn’t gay.  He ain’t gay.  What it looks like is, he has been upset and mad at his own father.  He has also been sexually abused.  He has been using homosexuality, in a manner of speaking, as a cover for his abuser.  It is good and bad.

He has not made sure in his mind that his abuser goes to jail or pay his debt to society for abusing him.  He has, in his mind, not wanted to be defined by his abuse – by being gay.  I saw it in his mind, he doesn’t really like gay sex, it is hurtful and hurts.  He gets off, but it is not his real love.

I write this for context because it appears, he allowed himself to be used by our enemy with a sexual favor.  Manipulated with a sexual favor, and he knew better, he didn’t have to do it; however, he was unaware of the consequences of his actions.  He was given the job and task of communications because he was the most qualified for the job.  That is why in the movie Garrison and our men do not appear in any way duplicitous.

You will still be able to find leads, people, cells, and information with this knowledge.  I spoke the word, normality in my theater class, early into the fall semester.  I responded to a question that my gay male theater teacher asked of the class, I answered to the whole class and used the word, normality.  The teacher in response to what I said, responded with normalcy – BIG PROBLEM – I remember almost staring him down with the response.

Princess Diana used the word normality in an interview, I can see several times around me it was used almost like code, or spy speak.

Every ship, but the four you sent, from the movie Princess Bride, is my father’s name, Norm.  And, they absolutely made the movie Princess Bride with me in mind – as my future.

I always know when there is a problem.

Harry, Prince Harry, is as straight as they come, just like me.  There is no shame and nothing wrong with that, he does deserve to be happy, as do I, but if he is actually responsible for me no longer having the ability to have children that would receive my genes, my brain, my mind, it is so hurtful, I am not sure it is in any way recoverable.  Not, that I am in any way interested in pursuing it.

Is his name, actually, Archie?  Is this actually his name?  Then, this is a problem.  It means he is actually in love with me, actually in love with me still.  It’s a problem.  If the very reason he is seen as my manager is because he doesn’t want me out of his life, then this is a problem.  It means he loves me.

Do you know they have used me with his other girlfriends?  Used my speaking and mannerisms to help his girlfriends.  Do you know I have stop and thwarted more than several plots against Prince Harry and the Royal family?

You should be worried.

This is what this looks like, we just killed and murdered Cherith’s mother, now what will we do, oh, I know, we’ll send a strange man into Cherith’s bedroom and have her guess as to who it is while she is trying to figure out why this black cloud, this ghost, this ever present something that happens to be the death of her mother is always around.  No wonder neither one of us was really happy.

He said to me, he wanted to be there.  I write that for context, he wanted to be in my bedroom.  True or not, it is what he said to me.

This also means, my brother might not actually be gay.  He has only been led to believe it is his only choice.

This man whose height is too tall for its wheelbase, is not really a code breaker, or much of anything at all.  I fooled him.

No day shift, no more writing.

July 15, 2019: READ: WARNING: DAY SHIFT!



July 15, 2019

Here’s a warning, I would not let it go unchecked, unheeded, as it does require IMMEDIATE action, no one has done anything about it, yet.  The fighting in the movie Black Hawk Down tells me there was an inside man, I mean inside our base, our United States base where the communications were being received and sent from, they are too well organized, look at them in the movie, they are too well organized, they are not just numbers, they were organized and had help.  They look like they are fighting with me as their leader.  This could never be true.  It tells me and it looks like you had a communications military man probably in charge of receiving messages and sending them who had a way to encrypt, add an unseen code or message, a tag of some sort into the message where it looked clean when it was received; however, another party also received the messages.

I would be very careful with the body painting as this information adds another dimension of truth that could really be damaging.

All that fighting in the movie, Black Hawk Down could have been prevented with just one action alone, with me on a day shift instead of night.

I should be losing weight, every day.  You should all be worried that I am not losing weight.  You should be very worried, no joke.

I am on strike.

No day shift, no writing.

July 15, 2019: READ: DAY SHIFT!



July 15, 2019

If the news story of the German chancellor is in any way true, I would be very concerned.  You all should be very concerned.  Very concerned.  It tells and speaks of a problem very deep, and very bad.  Very concerned.

If Edison is responsible for my hair loss, it is serious.  It says, sexually immature, sexually frustrated, sexually unable, sexually inadequate.  It is sexual abuse begetting sexual abuse.  He is not now nor will he ever be a – safety.  It speaks of cruelty that is not only misguided, it is criminal behavior gone unchecked, warnings signs unheeded, and worse.  He needs a male psychiatrist to work with him, he needs medication.  He is a danger sign to me, gone unheeded.  What was just shown to me, just now, is that he is not bothered that a man’s father is dead.  That is a serious problem.

I have had enough of the Jew hatred and Jew haters.

I would never do that to you Franco.

I am on strike.

No day shift, no writing.

The proof is in the movie, Black Hawk Down, the reason the fighting went on so long and it was not a fast extraction?  I was not on a day shift, on the morning shift at my employment on the day it happened, Cherith was not working in the morning.  I know I told people I preferred the morning shift.  Don’t blame me when you don’t bother to create the best possible outcome for all.  Good thing I saved your asses in the evening when I got to work.  Hoo-ah.

July 14, 2019: READ: DAY SHIFT!



July 14, 2019

I think you all are mistaken.  I have no interest in Prince Harry, I am vehemently opposed to any connection, and connections to Prince Harry and family.  It sets off serious alarms in my head.  Alarm.  Alarm.  It should worry you.  I have no idea what you have done.  Alarms.

His marriage reads, false, untrue.

Don’t bother, don’t worry, I want nothing to do with him.

The reason my boyfriend is my boyfriend is because he has never lied to me.  No deception.

Prince Harry, with my body alone it is not a good look for you.  Please don’t any of you come here anymore.  Alarms.

It must have been a serious security alarm for you to admit to the virtual reality, don’t bother, I am not looking to him at all.  Alarms.  Please, don’t come around here again.

I am on strike.

No day shift, no more writing.

July 13, 2019: READ: DAY SHIFT!



July 13, 2019

Stop looking for a grey dress, you morons!  Monchichi, Karachi.

I suggest you don’t ever touch me again, you stupid CUNT!

This person wants to go out in a blaze of glory.  They have a personal affinity for RoyaltyEXECUTE HER ON SIGHT, AND I MEAN – NOW!


You had your best cryptographer take a look at me, did you?  Which country was this?  Couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t figure me out because he believed I was no longer viable, workable, and it took this Sherlock Holmes to – FOOL HIM!

You would never have gotten that man – short – had I not changed my schedule to – A DAY SHIFT!


I am on strike.

No day shift, no more writing!