MWB, DKW are both the same man.  They both deserved to be locked away.

No, David no!

Your legs No!

Not allowing me to have a choice, is not the same as choosing!

No David!

You are disgusting!

I will never love you or that midget as long as I live.


No Means No

No means, I am not changing or altering my programs or games or what computer I have them on.  No.

No means, I am not throwing away a household item because Jared Leto with black make-up on delivered it to me.  No.

No means, I am not going to stop giving my cats the comfort I can give them while I am away.  No.

No means, you do not have a right to me, my house, my car, my cats, or anything else.


“You’re the first person”, but he was tired now.  He sounded tired from medication and the unending battle he fights to live.  Yet, when I saw him earlier in the day my heart immediately went out to him.  Something amazing too, he was happy.

I was rushing past as this life that has been contrived without advice or help from me.  Trying to make up for lost time as I am constantly running with no end.  Yet, he was happy.  I don’t mean he was glad to be sick or struggling.  Somehow, he’s found a way to live with all the pain.  Something he’s decided to just be happy.

It was nice to see.

I imagine a truck driver I passed on my way in had something to do with it.

The star is his, not mine. Continue reading “Nightmares”

Yesterday, What I Saw And Heard

Nope, the license plate and the driver to that vehicle were not a match.  I know the difference.

What I saw yesterday:

  • The pain of a woman who had taken from her by force something she will never get back.  An event she will have to live with for the rest of her life.  An event that should never have happened under anyone’s watch.  An event that should never have happened to any of our good men and women who serve this country.

A woman has a right to refuse.  You will see it plain as day across my chest for all persons rights to their own bodies.

What I heard yesterday:

  • The ethical voice of a man speaking for the head of a man whose mind does not exist in the world of tabloids, sound bites, media frenzy, or sinister bullying.  A man unwilling to allow the degradation of a business, of a government, of an institution whose very function is meant to serve and protect not seek and destroy.  It is a huge distinction.  Seek is not the same as serve.

I will caution you in the year.  This is 2018, not 1950, not 1960, not 1970.  Bring us all out of the dark ages with responsible journalism, reporting, and governing.

The real problems in the world are not being heard, not being shared, not given the light of day to bring justice, clarity, or insight.

Is that truly the world in which you want to live?

One that allows the lives of innocent’s around the world to be unheard, unseen, and unspoken?

Give them back their voice.

Write their stories.


I Want Another Job

I want to get away from DKW for the rest of my life.

I never want to see DKW, James Franco, “Edison”, ever again.

How is that One Mississippi was allowed access into my home?!

One Mississippi should never ever have been allowed to be in disguise or talk to me at all.

One Mississippi MUST BE FIRED!

Female father MUST BE FIRED!

I do what is asked of me.  I am asked to drive down Dick’s Sporting goods because then the beards will NOT have access into my home.  You lie!

I will not DO what is asked of me again!

I want another job!

I want to be able to get away from the worst people I have ever known in my entire life!

I wish I was DEAD!