The Worst

David Wolfe and James Franco, the two of you do not know the first thing about creating an environment of cooperation, enthusiasm, respect, and mutual benefit.  You two are the worst employers I’ve had to work with.  Every time it is the most un-enjoyable experience possible.

It is not easy in any way what it is I do.  There is no one that does and can do everything I do for as long as I have.

BTW, I no longer have my vision of movement during my punched in hours due to the pet steps, and the lack of freedom in my movement due to the timed goals.  It’s gone.  What I once saw is gone.  What I once saw as possible is gone.

I am more than a mindless, emotionless thing to order about.  I am more than chores and tasks.  I cannot model or follow after the goals of a game because I FEEL!!!  I have FEELINGS!!!!!  Cleaning something is more than an action it carries pain, frustration, hardship, discomfort, and dissatisfaction.

Neither of you make any allowances for rest and recuperation.  The time spent with either of you cannot be made up in my time off.  Both of you make excuses for your timing, and my frustration.  But, neither of you make any concessions toward me or what I want!

It is MY brain after all.

Oh, and BTW, please stop stringing me along.  Marriage after all is NOT a job, it is NOT arranged it is consensual and not forced upon.  I am not a such a simpleton to believe in this waiting nonsense.  I have eyes.  I have eyes of my own.  My eyes have seen the truth.


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