My Best Beauty Buys

So, I enjoy trying new beauty products and seeing the best version of me.  I am going to be starting another series of postings with sharing my opinions on the beauty products I purchase.  It is one way of keeping my products safe from alteration.

I do enjoy Sephora, it is nice doing business with companies that offer freebies as suggestions to encourage other products and so forth.  I purchased their monthly sample products and here is what I have tried so far.

Origins Clear Improvement – Not the best smell, bit it did tighten my skin and appear as though my pores were reduced.  However, it did nothing for the unnatural bags that appear under my eyes.  If you ever see me with bags under my eyes it is not naturally occurring to me.  Someone else is to blame.  Either Origins could do better on their product or someone else is to blame.

Burberry fragrance – Fragrance has become someone else’s issue in my life.  However, this is not a bad smell.  It smells feminine which is better than I have smelled in quite some time.  It is not overpowering.  It’s nice.

Sephora Lip Luxury – Yuck!  Waxy feeling when I applied this.  Not worth trying a second time.  Threw it away!

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