The Ball Is in Motion: Perhaps This Will Get It Done

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-America men, no black men.  This is about properness and correctness not the color of the skin.

I, Cherith Joelle Gjestland, am the only holder and authorized user of my house key and my home.  If you believed otherwise, you are mistaken.

Hit in the nose although there was no threat in sight is yet another reason for the disclaimer.  Perhaps people believed what they heard was about them, they were wrong.  Yet, again.  Very specific and few people know and understood the reason for my language.  They are the only ones that need to know.  Because I am most sincerely correct.  I am well over being nice as more hair comes out from my scalp against my will.  I will have no more excuses.  I will have no more excuses for such behavior.

You should feel so ashamed for your cruelty and pettiness.

It is not a crime to be gay.  It is not a crime to be a homosexual.  It is not a crime to have sex with consenting adults.  It is a crime to use such information to blackmail, coerce, create damage, heartbreak, hurt, and family tensions against my brother.  It is a crime if these were off-duty law enforcement officers who used such information to coerce my brother.  It is a crime if it was private individuals who used such information to coerce my brother.  It is sick and disgusting.  It is sick and disgusting if this was done in 2018.  It is sick and disgusting if it was done in the 90’s.

I never believed in the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell motto of the military.  Be sure to read carefully, I am not writing against any administration or institution.  I am writing that I knew it would not work, or be effective, or the correct course of action.  I spoke about to many people at the time.

It is not a crime to be gay, nor is it a crime to be straight.

It is a crime to make by unnaturally ways a person, that is me, Cherith, to wear diapers, or only certain underwear, or to create rules that go against a person’s nature, thought-process, or such idiocies of control based on what underpants I sleep in.

My brother’s car accident.  My mother’s car accident in Florida.  I no longer believe were accidents.  Has no one investigated the insurance claims and connections to shady persons who would have worked under the table to create claims?  And, why not?

Spent today.  It took me until now to write because that was a long day for me.  Six hours without a break, and I was working every minute of it.  Gave him a bath, now I expect him to stay that way.

Make sure you know that paragraph is very good as it is.  There is nothing to add or take away from it.  Because he flew this and asked it of me, No, I am still not well.  There is no food writing yet.  I do hope you know how very much you are liked by others.  I have seen it nearly every day since.

I don’t understand why we all must suffer for the dishonesty of some people.  Do they not, cannot they not use their influence and connections for the greater good, or are we all doomed to continue battling numbers that are nothing in the end.  When all is said and done, if the world were to end in a moment, would this number scale have been worth it?  There is something greater.  Creating a pretend copy after a movie or television only belittles the people, persons, work, art, and appreciation for the creative mind and minds.  I call for it to end.

I know there is an eagerness to get this read, there is a change of scenery that is needed.  Do you realize working in this way amounts to endless tours of duty?  This head work should not be competing with any other entities.  This is one of the causes for the delay in this read.

I made a communication-connection for two people to read on purpose.  At The Container Store, there was an employee who was gay, his name was Ray, he was in a car accident while employed at The Container Store.

The severity of another problem that I see is of such an extremeness I am not sure I will be able to write with enough description and emphasis.  These years from April 2014 until now are because I had sex with a man.  It was designed many years previously.  My belly button they turned into a doughnut shape of fat, on purpose.  They moved fat from other parts of my stomach creating a doughnut shape around my belly button that used to be of belly button shape is now a frowning smile.  When I had sex with that man after my surgery, the vagina to penis sex was painful, and not fully penetrable.  I went to my doctor afterwards, she was of no help.

What man would want me now if I am not able to satisfy his sexual needs?  Read carefully, the vaginal entry has been comprised.  I believe the true purpose and reason for the disguise and disguising the man was for the purpose of making such damage, anger, and hurt, I would never want to have vagina-penis intercourse again.  The purpose for making me live by hands alone.

Do not believe this printing of, Look Mom no hands.  It is not true.  It is just another excuse.

It is extremely humiliating to write this.

They damaged every friendship I had because I was flirting with men, I was dating men, I was kissing men, I was having sex with men, not hanging out with the girls.

I do not believe I am able write the depth of perverse attachments of such an emotional level that will, if not checked and taken care of immediately will be…you need to read and listen to me.

This is not enough, however…

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