Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-America men.  This is about properness and correctness.




September 19, 2018

Items to be cleared up.  I have been told in my head to only write Coffee and Breakfast’s.  No other titles.  Perhaps because it has the word fast in it.  Perhaps because of a food program.  I will no longer fulfill this request.

Let me explain; stand still envision a radius around yourself at the horizon.  Then add 360 degrees in circumference in your mind, body, and sight.  Then, have a person – this is what it feels like – fling information, images, people, persons, actions, vehicles, employments, offices, colors, nationalities, clothing, gender, sex, religion, and more.  Then, process the images and information and speak the truth either in your head or out loud as to what you see – as soon as you see it.  It feels like someone throwing in every direction – constantly.

Nobody in their own mind has a constant inner monologue.  Nobody says in their mind, I am going to turn the light on.  You just do it.  Nobody says in their mind, I am going to raise my arm, I am going to walk these steps, I am going to sit down with this and that.  You just do it.

I merely wanted to slow it down and nothing more.  No other slights to any other persons.  I merely wanted it to slow down.  I do not do guess, and I do not like being worn to a nub.

My once sharp mind.  I used to take care of my finances by myself.  I used to take care of my father’s finances by myself.  I used to take care of my mother’s finances by myself.  I used to take care of all the household finances by myself.  All the passwords, all the usernames, all the details of every bit of information relating to the household and my family, by myself.  I never needed to write any of it down to remember it, my mind was that sharp I could remember and randomize without thinking about it.  Now…damage has been allowed and done.

Think about that for a moment.  Think about the ability it takes to keep track of that amount of work, keep it organized in your mind, and never worry it will be lost.

It is not the image of a filing cabinet with endless length that stores my brain information.  My brain is much more efficient than a filing cabinet.  There is not an image that I could write correctly.

These nameless persons have never seen me, they did not think it through before they started.

It feels personal.  What I felt about last night is that it is personal to him and has become a personal matter.  Not just for myself.  For humanity.  Good.

They should be fired, immediately.  They are a team that should be removed from the building immediately.

She has been creating this diversion to unsettle me, attempting to create anxiety in my person so that I will not be able to do the real work.  It is not my fault that I am better than she is.  It is not my fault that I am able to do more than she.  It is not my fault that I am the person that I am without her, her help, or her team.

I find it mortifying and disgusting that a compulsive liar with an alcohol and sex addiction has been allowed access anywhere near me.  It is beyond disgusting if it is true that she has been allowed to look at me naked, or film me having sex, or while masturbating.  Beyond disgusting.  Beyond mortifying.

Beyond repulsive that I am having to write about my sex life, the lack of it, and the type of sex.  Beyond repulsive.  There is no other person who must do such a thing.

I heard my brother, he had no idea.  Had he known their intentions, their plans, what they were going to do, the extent of their persons and character, he would never have helped them or given them any information.  None.  My brother is not that unintelligent.

I want you to think about the seriousness of their actions.  Since this has been going on for me since 2012, yet their surveillance has been going on for decades.  Think about what sort of person does these actions and their behaviors.  Think about how you would feel if this was done to a family member of yours.  How would you feel about it?  What would you do about it?

Annoying was the word I used when I saw her.  Annoying.  Hardly an insult.  If a person is not able to withstand the word annoying – THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED!


I will remind you it is their jobs to keep me employed, not to drain my entire paycheck before it is in the bank!  It is their job to keep me employed as a true family and not as a homeless addict and vagabond!

I will say this work should be done and completed at once, so he can return to his cleaned and correct angle.  I am not interested in endless washings.  I am not going to wash, and then rewash, and then rewash, and then rewash, and then rewash.  I am waiting for the work to be done first.  Like any smart person would do.

Before I walked to get my mail.  It is exercise, it is fresh air, it reduces the use of natural resources, it is smart.  Before I got my mail when I was out running.  It was never just one action alone.  Like most people.  Now it has become a lock problem.  Because someone thought it would be fun to play house rather than allow me to live my life to its fullest.

If I were you, I would fire them.  I would get different workers.

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