Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.


FEDS Work!



September 23, 2018

You completely misunderstand me!!  I hate that job!  I hate that job!  I hate that job!  I hate that job!  I am in no agreement whatsoever with a black lesbian billboard!!!!!  Do you want to know why?!  Should I take a picture of the boil that was placed in my underwear while at work that I have had to drain of pus and blood?!  Because I WENT UNDER THE MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR SIGN?!!!!   I hate that job!  Fuck you!

This is what I learned at work tonight!  I am not allowed to use the A1 orange button.  As soon as I do I am sexually assaulted by a black woman while I am at work and working!!!!  FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU SICK FUCK!!!!  That’s disgusting!  Is that not a place a business?!  Is Amazon not a place a business?!  Or is it a brothel?!  It is disgusting!

I am not now changing my attire at all!!!!!!  FUCK YOU!!!!!!

I wrote that it felt personal, so they went out of their way tonight to alienate me and make me feel as though I have no support from the UK, or of any high ranking official, or anyone I have known before.

My family is not black and white!  It will never be black and white!  I will never, never, never accept it as black and white!  EVER!!!

I am so disgusted with that employment and my employer!

It is not my fault that Murphy is now connected with The White House!

Is there anyone else that can see an image placed before her and know that there is a problem?  Someone, a male has a person that is being kept in an attic.  Bound or handcuffed, or restrained of some sort although the person is technically brain-dead, he is keeping them in the attic as a sort of toy or play-thing.  The police have been in his house before, questioning him.  Since the victim is unable to make any noise, or perhaps a heat signature the residence has been taken off a list.  Go back.  You will find her.  I saw that without the help of my manager or anyone else.  I did that all on my own!

Is there anyone else that can see an image on the ground and know you have a serious murderer in England.  Because I did.  He kills and dumps them.  Fast, violent, not very meticulous, buries keys underground of his storage facilities, and places he sleeps.  He has a system that has worked with burying items such as keys.  He is on someone else’s dole if not several peoples dole most likely of people he has killed.  He has worked a system of disguise that has not been noticed.  He knows areas of England very well.  What sort of job does a person have that allows them access and knowledge of roads and places not on maps?  He was probably a foster child that had been moved several times in his life.  Allowing him to learn different areas of England.  Very fast to kill, then dump the body.  Seemingly completely random in his victims.  I DID THAT ON MY OWN WITHOUT THE HELP OF MY MANAGER!

Or, I could be crazy.  It’s either one or the other.

What a negative experience it is to work there!

Death.  I see nothing, but death still.  For me.

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