Worst I’ve Ever Seen

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




September 25, 2018

That was the worst I have ever seen her.

You would be wise to move my brother within a better range of proximity.  NOT A REQUEST!

It would not hurt to move my father also.  NOT A REQUEST!

I saw the seriousness as I drove to work.

I want it known that I was prepared as I have been my whole life.  I keep an extra set of ear plugs in my car.  It is wise.  It is wise to be organized and have supplies rather than depleting every resource until you have nothing before being able to replenish.  It is the way I always have been.  It is how I was raised.  However, since there is a lock problem I am not able to trust the security of the packaging of items left in my car.

It sure seemed to me that he agreed with me in their plan and preparedness.  A human life is worth – it is priceless.  It can never be replaced.

How was the airport?  Did all arriving flights land as I said?  Please tell me you seized it all.  Because I have a bit of a bad feeling.

The worst I have ever seen.

Do you know they have vandalized all my plants I planted?  They dug them all up.

Guess what?  If it is my deck and house it cannot be black and decker – anything.

Maurice wants everyone to know he disagrees entirely with the do not paint ceiling.  He told me so.

Guess what?  Murphy was never worried.  As he should be.  Very smart men.  Very good men.  Never worried.

Lambert?  Still has his paws crossed.

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