She Has Suffered Enough

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




September 27, 2018

I apologize in advance if this is not complete and thorough.  I am working on something that is of the most extreme and critical importance.  I had to stop myself to prioritize.

Also, I apologize because I am still of the most upset and angry over the events that delayed the return of a little girl, of a daughter to her parents.

I could not possibly have thrown enough objects or run fast enough to show my contempt for such childish behaviors and protocols that allowed one moment to be lost for those parents while working on September 24, 2018.

I am so sorry for your loss.  I am so sorry for your loss as parents.  I am so sorry the world lost a child.

It could never be a consolation, however to me, as I saw it, she saved countless lives just by living.  Countless.

Take a moment.  Think about that.  Let that reside in your own Well of Truth.

I am so very sorry for your loss.

I know what it is to not be able to grieve for the loss of a family member.  As I have yet to grieve for my real mother.  How very wrong they were.  A person, no person needs something traumatic in their life such as abuse, a crime, or a death to motivate a person into the pursuit of justice.  They were so very wrong.

I have been asked in my head numerous times about speaking with this family or bringing this family to work, etc.  I want you to know.  I want this family to know.  I want their community to know.  I want their absolute privacy to be respected above all else.  I want their privacy to be respected.  And nothing more.

I know this writing assignment was planned before of the events of September 25, 2018, they could not have known the very significant event that took place that night.  I know they are working on a closer central.  Please hurry.

I received a package, here is what it told me:

4 cucumbers:  The number four for virtual reality.  The number four for no diapers.  Green cucumbers for men to the right of my garage and not a woman.  Cucumbers for men because that is who I am and how I work, and the correct and proper procedure in my head.  Green for International.  The number four for family, for my family, and for families around the world, and for grieving parents, for all grieving parents that have missing and lost children, and for her parents.

Carrots: Because the are orange.  Orange carrots, green cucumbers, orange and green for my garage.  Orange for my t-shirt proclaiming a teacher never had a right to change who I am for a single moment, specifically as I had written that very day of the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote I had posted on Facebook only to afterwards be toilet-trained and punished with my underwear with a massive acne that has not yet cleared and healed.  Carrots for hard way and not the soft way.  Carrots for International protection.

2 packages of hot dogs: Not for the ball park.  Not for sports.  Not for a hot dog.  Yeah, for the phallic symbol.  The number two for Lambert the Good, the Protector of All, The Ever Vigilant.  Chicken and pork, chicken for me because I am a woman and not a woman disguised as a man, and for pork (Police) because I have worked and helped the police.

Celery: Because it is green.  Because it has straight sides and straight in form.  Because I am a nice and sweet person.  Nice because of a t-shirt I own, Listen, I am a nice person so if I am mean to you, you need to ask yourself why.  Because the psychologist agreed with me.  Because what I felt from her cannot be translated as such in so many words, other than astonishment.  She agreed with me to “a spectacular degree”.  I have heard spectacular degree before in my head, so I just take it as speech.  It could mean degree because of Tuscaloosa and it having to do with my brother and how my brother has also not been allowed to choose.  This person thought they were helping my brother when he would have been ok had he been allowed to work in San Diego.  He would still have a job and he would have owned real estate that would only have gone up in price, and if he had lost his job he could have sold the property and been able to live off of that sale for the rest of his life!  Money.  Jealousy and money.  It is truly sick.

2 Yoplait: Yogurt because democracy works.  Yogurt for digestion and a healthy gut.  Yogurt because it has probiotics because my reproductive organs should never have been removed in such a way.  Yoplait for Maurice – French Morris, Maurice the Handsome, the Best Behave-est Boy in the World because Maurice (as have Lambert and Murphy since looked at the ceiling) wanted the world to know paint is important.  Because policy gets paint.  Because paint is everything.  2 – for Maurice and Lambert one on each side of my garage.  For the work I’ve done with Maurice, so he is not the saddest boy in the world, so he is not so scared because someone recognized and saw the work I did to provide Maurice with a good home and life.  When I went to the animal shelter where I adopted my three boys, I squatted down to get closer to the cat’s eye level to talk with them when Maurice walked over to me staying by my side.  It was then I decided to take him home.  And, for Lambert for International protection.

Pink Lemonade:  Pink for air purifier.  Lemon for no heavy weight pressure.  Minute Maid because minutes matter when a life is at stake and for no tire control.  Because what could have happened if I did not go to work that day.

Green grapes and Red strawberries: Red and green.  Red for closed because Cherith’s vagina is not open for business to be used as a set, or to be violated at any time, or in any way.  Green because of upon entry to work.  Red and green because it is not about black person’s or African- American’s it is about proper procedure, correctness, and security clearance.  Because it should never have been black and white it should have always been about color and paint.  Table grapes because I am more than capable of being in the room, overseeing the room, and handling myself, alone.  Because I read the table.

Seedless: For the child’s parents, for their sadness and grief of my loss of being able to have natural children.

California: For my real parents, the credit they deserve, and I deserve for the work I have done and for who I am, and for the request of the girl’s parents that my manager and PA be fired, terminated.

Sunview: No son.  View for the way I see others and signs.  Because it says a lot about me to give monikers as I have to my cats.

Organic: For purity, no spraying, no need to stimulate me.  I am better as I am.  Because God is pure love and there is nothing wrong with that.

Certified: Proven.  I have more than proven myself.

Grapes: For white wine family, my real family.  For Murphy.  Because family matters.  Because family is important.  Because families are important.

Slide close: Because of Apple phone.  Because I wrote “call to end it”.  Because I do not need nor want to be in front of a camera.  Because I never should have not been given a choice about these hand years as I see so many men and women in agreement with me about the abuse and use of it.  Because of balcony music.  Because I fight back.

Strawberries: UK and Norwegian.  Have no fear the Norwegian is here.

Well-pict:  My Well of Truth.  Pict because it is me alone and should not be another woman pretending or copying me.

Red: Because that is the color of strawberries, and there is nothing wrong with the color red.

No alcohol in the bag: Because Cherith is not the one with a drinking problem.  Because I have more than once been given a sense of an alcoholic beverage while working and responded, No, I am working.

Because it was a turn-on for him.  As he saw me writing – angry, yelling, screaming, swearing at my computer.  Then, be able to immediately turn to my cats and sweetly speak encouragement to them.  Not allowing the work to effect how I respond to my cats and animals.  Kissing them, petting them, playing with them, cuddling with them.  Then, screaming and swearing again at my computer.

Because that is normal.  Good police work/humanity balance and important for the world and others to know and recognize.

I received another package about the correctness of my theory in the cause of death of Jon Benet Ramsey.

I saw Oscar Wilde when.  I should never have been made to change when that is how I saw people.

I see so many men and women with different careers in agreement with me over rules and teaching a grown adult – nothing.

Many things on September 25, 2018.  It was a group of persons’ I warned about that had been building chemical weapons to attack Planned Parenthood locations, Women’s Wellness clinics, abortion clinics, and that is not all they were planning on attacking because of me.

I was asked in my head if I believed they were lesbians.  That is not how they saw themselves, but there was same-sex with a perverse mentality that had nothing to do with love or healthy sex.  I will write no more about.

They had built chemical weapons, hid them underground, within walls, nearly on every surface.

What I saw was so bad, so damaging, and so prevalent, I wrote to warn about it.  What I saw without being there in person was the fact that it would take months to completely dismantle and disarm the buildings and complexes, and there would still be remains of chemicals left behind if they did not completely destroy every last bit of it.  The cost of future human life being lost was more valuable to me than a structure.

I did tell them in my head, those children needed to be removed from the building for their protection.  They should not have waited so long to do so.

I wondered if she resembled your little girl when she was returned to you.

She suffered enough.

So very sorry for your loss.

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