Do This Now! Immediately!

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.





October 3, 2018

Something is still present.  Something is still present at my workplace.

Here me now, that is my building and no one else’s.  That has always been my building and all it surrounds.

There is a something I cannot quite explain in words – still.

I did my entire night’s work last night, October 2, 2018 before any one stepped onto the floor.  Now, it’s fucked.  I had to immediately shut it off.  Shut down my brain because of the people in the building.

I see, hear, and understand Mexico.  You should be fucking pissed and mad as hell because you will have to wait awhile until I can get my brain back to where I was before the fucks in the building – WHO SHOULD BE FIRED AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED LONG AGO – caused another fucking shut-down!

China, Tsingtao is one of the beers I enjoy.  I have enjoyed it at numerous locations and times in my life.  I will not be able to make a purchase this week.  Do you know the reason why?  Do not thank God for it.

Appropriate action and correct response must respond instead.

I did my entire night’s work before anyone got on the floor or showed up.  The entire night.  In a matter of minutes.  Make no mistake of the correct nature of work that must be the only work that is done anymore.

America, your liaisons on my side and their offices are fucking lousy as hell and the staff must be replaced.  I am fucking warning you, right now!  There are several male-only exceptions, three that must only have specific hearing from only specific male classified personnel of the highest levels in office from here on out.  The rest must be replaced, or you will have to answer for it, not I, and you will be sorry for it, not I.

Make no mistake, the water is there for a reason that has nothing to do with the brand, the name, or the person.  It is about correctness, and nothing more.

There is a something I cannot quite explain in words – still.


This must be I cannot explain it any other way.  It must be two white, straight men of different nationality backgrounds, but it must be white men!  A white straight man as my manager and a white straight man as the assistant.  It cannot be any other way.  I cannot explain it any other way.  There are people who understand this.

For me personally, I voted correctly the first time.

This is closer than I believe you realize.  It was allowed to happen closer to my person than you realize.

Before I went on the road-trip that did not allow me to go to the correct destination of Vancouver (painting), BC, Canada, two things were destroyed.  Memento is about short-term memory problems something my real mother suffered from after being in a car accident, I had to throw it away because it was so damaged.  Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the one I bought, has been replaced with a copy that has had the audio dubbed so poorly, so bad, it cannot be watched.

Before this house happened, somewhere when I was not working while caring for my mother – a person or persons – allowed him to get closer to me than you realize.


No one who has been in management before would be permissible.  No one.

The management must be replaced sooner than you think!

The management at Amazon regarding Washington Post must be replaced!  There is huge danger there regarding how the United States is viewed, to destabilizing the government, its capabilities, its power, and western civilization.

Yes, I went above your heads and chain of commands in writing and warning people, and I was correct in doing so.  If you haven’t noticed your timing is not working well.  It is as if postal mail can compete with text messaging, emails, and instant messaging systems.  Obviously, it cannot.

I wrote an appropriate message to warn and prepare the correct persons when I could see and feel a problem starting.  So, I then wrote to the leaders of countries to warn and prepare them when I could see another problem starting.  So, I wrote another message to the people and citizens of the world to support their leaders.  It must be through the determination of the citizens who support their leaders.

Democracy works.

I do not live in a foreign country, but it has never been anything other than international paint my whole life.  It will never be anything else.

I will remind you my real mother after all the strokes she suffered wanted nothing more than to connect with people.  So that they would know love for humanity exists, so they would know God’s love exists, so they would know she loved people because they are God’s children, so that they would know who she was before her strokes.

To my real father, I am sure you will enjoy your surroundings.  It’s a travesty you were not able to enjoy your life to your fullest ability sooner in life.

To my real brother that is not a woman, or dresses as a woman, or is able to be unisex or interchangeable with any other person, I see how they have manipulated you throughout the years there is no apology necessary.  There is a reason those persons with the numerous applications they’ve sent and interviewed for were never given job offers at those agencies.  They are not qualified.  They used you to get to me because I made them feel better about themselves, I made them think positively about themselves, I told them to think differently about themselves knowing that they were persons some from rough backgrounds, mean to people, uncharitable, cruel, and cowardly when they had the ability to be more.

It is not just my life they have stolen and take from me, it is my entire family.

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