Because It Was Art I Had To Change

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.



October 5, 2018

Because I wanted to replace the artwork I had on my walls not with new artwork, but with the artwork posters I had purchased before from the company I had before, it has been removed from the site.

People who had knowledge of the art posters I had on my walls took away my right to determine what art I want on my walls.

What a bunch of jerks.

There was nothing wrong with the artwork posters on my walls.  Because it was art, of course, I had to change.

David, love does not turn into hate, love remains because it existed, however, we are not forever friends.  It doesn’t work that way.  It is as if to say I loved a man who beat me, cheated with me without my knowledge, humiliated me, physically hurt me in front of others, mentally harmed me, shamed me, deprived me of years of my life, stole ideas from me, and made me think I was never good enough, yet I will forever be his friend.  Human relationships do not work in that way.  Person to person, not a message relay.  I must place myself before others and before another man.

Adultery is not a crime.  It is a sin.  I have never given my consent.  Married or not.  I have not given consent.  Ever.  It is one-sided.  If you failed to see how that would be viewed by me, you have been misled.

I feel that you failed to understand, you and other people were talked into this, and now you are sorry it has become something it never should have been.

It feels like you have allowed hers to be fixed on me.  Her and hers to be fixated on me.  They have lied to you.  Since the beginning.  They will not see it that way.

It is gross.  More than a problem.

I have purchased from Harry & David’s before I met any man with that name.  I will not be making purchases in the name for others.  I find it dumb.

Whatever happened to truth in reporting?  Am I the only one that is able to see the danger that if it is allowed to become a norm in not reporting facts with every story that if it has become accepted and a norm that some stories are not entirely true that – that way of acceptance and thinking could allow others to use it to destabilize and destroy western civilization?


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