Huge Leadership Mistake

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.



October 18, 2018

Package received.  Not funny, real fucking serious, I have no choice at the moment in the frame.  I am doing it for a reason, and I am not laughing!

Huge leadership mistake!

The fact that I was denied a job interview based on my appearance alone at Walgreens before JC Penny was a huge mistake.  The fact that I can recall that from more than thirty years ago is proof.  The fact that you denied a him the opportunity to see me, access me, to get a look at me, to get a feel for me was a huge mistake.

No wonder they gave you early retirement.

This is from a group of persons.  This leadership mistake – at this time.  Mostly it is one person.  Mostly it is a woman.  I saw his message.  I cannot help her condition, I never wanted to, to begin with.

The fact that I spotted a double agent selling secrets while I was a teenager is proof I never needed a teacher or re-training.  Did he actually use his own money to send us, so he could use me, and it worked?!

Did they actually tell David he was not allowed to date me, or have a more personal relationship with me because it was believed I needed “practice” with dating men.  Date several lesser men until I was “ready” to date a man who would want to spend the rest of his life with me?!  Did they actually do that?!

They denied David and I the opportunity if nothing else of creating memories that would have lasted a lifetime.

What a huge mistake!  How many times have I proven them and her WRONG!

Yeah, some people – like me – do not struggle with sexual identity or their own sexuality.

This is a person who was working in a government agency who has struggled with mental health and her own sexuality.  I am not this person.  I have never struggled.

She denied him, did she actually deny him the opportunity to approach me with a job upfront, straight, and direct to the point?!  No, pretend job with other people talking in ears, a straight up job offer at an agency before I spotted a double agent selling secrets?!

What a huge fucking mistake you made!  What a huge fucking mistake you made with him simply because he was a man, sure of himself, good, and honest.  Because she struggled with who she was as a woman.

I believe she is wrong with identifying herself as masculine also.  She has yet to discover the best person she should be.  That is her work to do on her own and with her counselors and psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists be aware she has sexually fantasized about me for too many years now.  She has used me as cover for her inadequacies, she is constantly “jonesing” for a fix with talking to me.  She gets off on seeing me as a bag lady, beaten up, bleeding, hurt, dirty, and sexually violated, sexually touched, and sexually stimulated.  Because this is how she sees herself, wants to be seen in an attempt to get rid of the frustration, anger, and pain from her parents about her upbringing and childhood.

Is this not the same person if not from the same agency that denied requests to be heard about the imminent threat of terrorism to the United States?!

Because there was a huge communication error that allowed and just about gave permission for the terrorists to attack.


I need this drama to be removed from my building as it is taking away valuable time and resources that are better used elsewhere.

There are two very, very, very, very, I cannot stress it enough how very different these two opportunities are from each other.  There are two very different opportunities that must be given my full and complete attention and nothing else.

David, I write with specificity for a reason.  I need you to understand that.

Traffic cameras.  Huge mistake.  Huge leadership mistake.  You have no idea.  Huge mistake.

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