How Bad?

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October 24, 2018


How bad, was my response.

It is bad.

Yes, they let a criminal into the building at Amazon.  They let a criminal into the building.  Like a snap-shot in his mind he looked at an area of the building.  He surveyed the outside with interest in one corner.  If he didn’t actually do this, he has thought about hiding in the rafters disguised as the patterned ceiling.  What would the purpose be?  You would need to question the people involved who were working in the building October and November 2017.  I think it is more October 2017.  Start at the first of the month and move from there.

The snap-shot he took, J J, with real interest.  It is a threat to the United States government, the President, and the First Lady just to send a message.

I can see this, people talking.  Not able to keep their mouths shut about projects going on.  Because it had been planned to have my route changed, so the threat was for the First Lady.

What work, charities, organizations is the First Lady involved with?  If it has not already happened, and I believe it has already happened and been averted there are still plans positioned to be readied.  Look through her calendar, the events she is involved with.  Because there are still problems.

There could have been several, all male, in the building.  The one in the rafters could have been done on purpose, allowed to do, and known.

The one that I see that took the snap-shot, they did not understand or have the knowledge of who he really was.  But, I do.

It is nothing more than a message.  A warning.  A threat.

You want to know why this story didn’t get written sooner, why it took until last night to get this work done after what I wrote about last week?  That stupid pack rate nonsense!  It is utter nonsense.

Does anyone really wonder why I ask that celebrities be removed from the building and being involved in the process and work?  Well hello Mr. War Lord, Mr. Drug Lord, Mr. Criminal, here is my nice celebrity friend we are here in the same room, in the same building, isn’t that nice?  No.  If I must explain the danger and problems in that sentence, stop reading.

There is some sick psychological thinking that has happened around me.

No, we are not friends, you do not get to be nice to me by bringing David back, so you can absolve your guilt.

Yes, David is still in love with me.

Yes, this woman went out of her mind insane about my hair.  On a lunch break at work, I walked to my car took down my hair, it fell in one single curl down the length of my back.  It was sex hair.  Effortless beauty.  It was not my purpose, I was just being me.  David was at stand up after lunch with a curl added to his hair, “sexy, sexy people”.

She goes insane, crazy, rageful angry about David and me.

It does not make sense to me.  It is completely illogical to me why a lesbian would want to cause so much physical disfigurement to me and emotional pain to David.  I do not understand that.  I do not understand her.  It suggests that she is delusional in thinking that she has a right to me, to alter me, and to change me.  It suggests that she believes she has and is entitled to my sex.

Yes, I believe she planned these non-penis sex years and hand years to groom and train me into being a lesbian.  To begin with it doesn’t work that way.  A person cannot be taught into being gay or a lesbian.  Another thing, this woman has used the White House as cover for her actions.

They know from the surveillance done on me I am unwilling to be involved with a married man.  They created a story, real or not, of David being seriously involved, then married going back to 2011.  So, that he and I would never get together.

There are so many discrepancies in the story lines of these shows in all these years.  December 2014, it was probably the same woman, communicating through news stories said it was no longer a woman in charge.  The best way I can describe it is how I saw it, she realized she messed up bad, she realized her plan was not going to work, she realized she was mistaken.  It is almost as if there are two persons within her.  This woman struggles with alcohol addiction.

The change took place in January.

She goes back and forth.  She is one of the women who has lied to David.  She has an obsessiveness with me.  She has not been able to stay away from me, and people keep allowing her to manage me.  Physical disfigurement, of me.

This woman wrote me up at work this week because I was thinking through in my head why a person would re-train a human being into a dog using diapers and soiled underwear as a means of control.  If a dog is man’s best friend that implies friendship, communication, happy, mutual understanding, bond, a relationship.

If you use the control of soiled underwear it suggests that a person has been sexually abused.  It suggests that this person still feels violated in their genital area.  It suggests that this person was sexually abused in a bathroom.  It suggests that this person was sexually abused as a child by an older male family member not living in her house.  It tells me that this family member is still living, she has never admitted the sexual abuse, and never told anyone about the abuse.  It tells me that she wants to go back to a time, a baby, before the abuse happened.  It tells me, this is the why, why I was made to admit my sexual abuse in a courtroom July or August 2014 for her to film and video because she has never admitted and dealt with her own abuse.

They should have cancelled the participants that showed up to work on October 23, 2018.  Did anyone know or tell anyone that the woman who had been in charge was asked to leave the building because they found she had taken drugs before walking into Amazon?

October 21, 2018, I was helping them search her home for drugs while she was being held.  I said to search the attic, did they find anything?  I told them to search a panel in a refrigerator for a hidden stash, did they find anything?  They did an intervention and “Casey” refused treatment.

On my drive to work, October 22, 2018 “Casey” drove past me in the police lane.  She purposefully put herself in front of me to prove something.  Through a man at work she said sorry, she was panicky, she was hyped-up, I did not respond.  Sorry, is not going to work.  She was asked to leave work afterwards when they discovered she had taken drugs after driving past me.

“Casey” has a bad drug habit as it has gone on for years, decades.  She believes she is hyper.  She is just a drug-addict.  She has deceived and lied to people for decades about her drug habit.

Casey’s father is going to need help and support.  He is going to need help in knowing how to get help for “Casey”.  It is going to be difficult for him in not supporting her drug habit.

You need to do this: Put together a drug task group.

This is so unfathomable to me.

They, it has been used as code.  Code, black.  It has been used to sell, buy, and purchase drugs.  On sight.  How will you know?  They will be black.  Black = drugs.

It goes back to Facebook, on David’s profile he posted about the fake Starbucks store.  Fake being all these faked reality jobs.

Go back and look at the correlation with the celebrities, the movies, and shows, where there is drug use, selling of drugs, and distribution of drugs.  I believe they have been using the legitimate businesses as cover for a drug business.  Not every person has complete knowledge.  I just see this coordination of drug business.

I need a war correspondent.  I need a Caucasian, married to a woman of equal good looks, male with a full head of hair and beard, average build, who has been to war and seen real action, who has never had any acting experience to be able to understand the sensitive and classified writing.

I need an analyst.  I need a Caucasian, married to a woman of equal good looks, male with a full head of hair and beard, average build, who has never had any acting experience, who knows how to decipher data to be able to understand the sensitive and classified work.

No one guided me to Tajikistan.  No one placed a story in front of me.  I told you.

No kidding, I saw him, he likes to ingest things, he is not a good man, however the set-up is not there.  I will not help you until it is a correct set-up.  I will not be supporting any drug habits or drug businesses.

You have me wearing this stupid costume because of those traffic cameras.  You are not helping me.

Any and all of these teacher-trained years only helps them.  Not me.  It only gives them power and knowledge over me.  Knowing my route, where I walk, on and on only helps them and not me.

Working a scene while driving, to begin with working a scene requires time, while driving as visual stimulus is constantly moving past me, while being aware of the road, will only allow for few answers if any.


02:55 Has anyone looked to see if “Casey” has hidden cash anywhere? 02:56

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