Philippines, Brunei, Peaches

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.



October 27, 2018

Before people have the opportunity to take things in the wrong direction, Yep, I like hockey.  They seen me in this house watching hockey games and baseball games.  These are not the only sports I’ve watched and like watching.  I’ve posted more than once about beer, boys (adult men), and baseball.  You should make sure his daughter is safe as I have been to a baseball game with her.  The other men and women that I have been to baseball games with, just be aware.

Hockey, though, be aware I’ve spoken about this more than once, I spoke about this with a celebrity in disguise while I was working the cash room at The Container Store, I enjoy hockey and being able to growl and yell.  Yes, it is Tampa Bay Lightning because I had a randomizing program already in place in my brain that those hackers could not figure out.

Explain the reason and the purpose of the Bluetooth to me.  Somebody needs to be held responsible for these actions.

You and yours will want to work and look at the Philippines, Brunei, a small island in the Philippines in the Sulawesi Sea.  I see a very small island in the southernmost part of the Philippines.  A very small island where one man has a lot of control over the island.  This is about something I wrote about in regard to my mother while being her caregiver and the people she spoke about after her strokes.  Joe de la Pẽna, he made clothes, denim, jeans.  He and his wife were missionaries, he is a preacher, they took their children with them when they travelled.  They had a cat, when my mother and brother visited them in California, they took a picture and it is in my photo album.  The cats name was Peaches, he was an orange fluffy cat.  This is a threat.  This should be seen as a very serious threat to the United States government, the President, and the White House.

Be careful with a lot of the people who were in management and behind the scenes at The Container Store prior to my driving trip in 2014.  It was probably planned or discussed to get me to change my name, all my names before I drove because I always told people about my name and its biblical meaning and my last name and its meaning.  It is quite diabolical to make me change every piece and part of myself including my name if you look at what has happened because of it.  So, be aware of the film connections as I gave the name Jackie Smith at Midas for an oil change in December 2014.

I am more than aware you have more than several men who would love nothing more than to take me away from all of this.  You have been dishonest with them and me in the timeline.  There are more than several men who are hurting because of it.

David, you need to speak with a counselor about why you have never been able to leave me as long as you have known me.  After you left for University, you have been unable to keep from asking people about me, calling me at work, driving by my house, following me, and more.  You are always excited to see me, be around me, as I have that effect on you.

If you believe I wrote a piece called In A World about those gay trainers from Sea World, stop reading.  Do not read my blog anymore.  You are not allowed to read my work if you are not able to see it correctly and done correctly.

Ice is what goes in a mixed drink.

I will have a mixed drink done properly.

I have no ice.

What moron allowed that to happen?

Yep, you should have done what I wrote about to begin with.

I, I already knew.

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