October 30, 2018

Affirmative, there is a problem in that office.  It was intentional, it was deliberate.  They never thought it could be traced back to them.  It is more than it first appears.  There are several people and offices involved and they are gaining from the knowledge, insight, and communication.

Would it not be more beneficial to supplement your intel before doing what truly needs to be done?

It is a sizable kerfuffle.  On every account, of every person involved, and I do not see that you have every person yet.

“That’s cute,” was an assessment, not a flirtation, not a come-on.

There is at least one if not several persons who thought I needed to be taught and educated with the electoral process.  How to look up a candidate’s voting record, find out what they believe, how they are going to vote when elected.  Obviously, I do not have to do that.  I have other abilities that allow me to work in other ways.

With all due respect, I will not be able to participate in the election this November.  I saw the ballot.  I cannot allow my name to be associated with such extracurricular activities.

You have someone that has enormous debt.  They have a sizeable income.  There debt is spread out in several places, so it does not appear at first that they are burdened with such debt.  They are oblivious to the real circumstances of living under a working wage.  They are oblivious to the realities of living with a real wage.  You have allowed them to deplete my paycheck months before I have banked it.  You have allowed them to create undue hardship in my living conditions.

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