Cumberland Clerk

October 31, 2018

You fucked up.  There are a lot of reporters who would really want to be involved in the Cumberland Clerk story.  As well as, several other stories I’ve written about.  However, you’ve let the ego of others, who do not use good judgement as this is not the same as producing a television show make decisions that have been most costly because they have not been understood.

You need to arrest that teacher and those in production immediately and hold them while you work on this.  Despite her outstanding, outlandish confessions made recently by her and several other women (how does Cherith know that?) there is so much more she has been withholding.  It is not just her alone, she has been working with several of those women.  The communications she has been sending and created is gruesomely barbaric and an absolute disruption to what the United States government stands for.

They want it to be considered body art.  It is nothing more than a way and ways to send messages, confirmations, orders for hits and kills, and orders for plans.  I was working.  I was working on this in my head when you allowed that fuck-twat to cause another shut-down on my work.  I was working.  This fucking psycho bitch believes she has the permission to tell me what and when to think!

I was working on helping and working through a very complicated and complex messaging system and that teacher-woman-pretending-to-be-a-man – and doesn’t that say so many mental problems that she is not able in her own body she has to create a fairy disguise just to be seen in front of me – who does not and cannot understand the work I do that, hey, by the way, I am really fucking good at, thought she had the right to shut my thinking down so she could work on stories she wanted to write.

Are you fucking kidding me, right now?!

Yep, I saw him, in another country, yet I saw him, in complete shock regarding the events that happened within a matter of minutes, and very soon afterwards.  I acknowledged him at the same time as making it known they did not do it correctly and had I chosen to stand otherwise innocent law makers, law enforcement officers, and probably diplomats would have been harmed if not killed, and lives would have been threatened.

She does not understand this.

She is insatiable in her lust for wanting to be like me, close to me, and have something that does not belong to her.

That white family wine did not make me sick when I drank it.  What sort of drug did she use?  It wasn’t until after I woke up, nauseous, having to throw up, purge my system, like a bulimic would do, like a time-released drug that took effect after hours, I was sick in my system for days.

Of course, I would choose my own family over her, anybody would.

I do understand that there is amazement at my work regarding the case of the hit-man I worked a profile on while at work, then they displayed him, and I gave my confirmation within a matter of seconds.  It is just how it works.  I know when I know.  Amazed.  Yet, be careful here, management does not allow that to be understood.


The body.

Someone who has worked as a butcher, in an abattoir, a medical examiner, research scientist of the human body, someone and/or several persons with complete knowledge of how to dissect and take apart the human body.  These are some of the front people.

You and everyone has been lied to as to the very nature of this program, its design, and its real purpose.

You think it is a matter of choices, it is not.

It did catch somebody’s attention as they had been working on this program for so many years before it took place while working and caring for my mother 2002, 2003, 2004, I purchased detox foot pads that were probably made in China.

No, you are wrong.  It will only be seen as black.  It has nothing to do with any item on that side or my vehicle.

These boys in Virginia should love this:

Take apart the entire human body.  Skin, hair, strands of hair, fingernails, toenails, scalp, teeth, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, eyebrows, jaw, jawline, neck, neck waddle, the skin on the back of the neck, collarbone, the skin of the collarbone, collarbone, shoulder blades, back, backbone, breasts, pecs, nipples, the breast tissue, fibrous tissue, lymph nodes, internal organs, waist, belly, hips, thighs, butt, inner and outer thighs, legs, and feet.  And, probably more if I really worked this.

There is a correlation with everything that has happened to me in these last few years and crimes, murders, kills, threats, planned events, threats, and so on.

I was working on deciphering it all when you stupid fucks thought it was more important to play other stories than, um, I don’t know, alerting the proper personnel – THE TRUTH!  THE REAL REALITY OF WHAT IS GOING ON!

The belly, this is a big one, is a message, you’ve allowed her to use me to send a message and messages to many people.  This could also be happening to other people around the world, in many different occupations.  After eating at a restaurant, or an event, and so on.  An expanded waist line and bloated belly or fat belly has several meanings.

One of them being to the United States government and the value of the dollar, the value of US currency.  Persons, organizations, companies, holding companies, or governments – it is about the ratio, debt to credit ratio.  Could be the stock market.  Most likely it is more sophisticated than that.  More personal.  Aimed individually.

Are there loans that could default?  Who are the lenders?

Fort Knox could be in trouble and its surroundings.

I could go on there are several work throughs on this.

Mind you they most truthfully do not care in the least about my underwear, clothing, make-up and so on.  You are not helping me when I am not allowed to do as I would normally do, naturally do, without having to think about it by explaining it to teacher in my head.

Bikini style underwear when it is seen on me, get this, is about theft.  Something stolen.  Go back if you want and look at the days I wore bikini panties and you will find thefts, very important thefts.  Thefts that would not always have been reported to the police.

Distorting my body so my pants pull at my crotch, pronouncing my crotch, is not a camel toe.  It is about emasculating the US President.  Emasculating.  Think about that for a moment.  Emasculating.  Emasculating the US President alone.


The genital area is perverse, the pus-filled boils that have been placed and the last one is not yet healed, is very personal, rape, non-consensual sex as revenge.  To make a claim on a woman to send a message.

Reddened facial blotches on my face, are hits, marks, a message to kill.

Bags under my eyes, probably a location.  A warning.

Black and dark circles under my eyes, this is a bad one.  I believe it means death.  Not my opinion.  It is what I see.  Be careful with that.  You fucking morons!  I told you!

Sun damage and sun spots on my face, as this has happened after The Container Store, I believe is about solar-energy facilities.  Factories or facilities that use solar energy.

I believe everything on my face is feminine.  Hits, marks, threats toward women.

My hair and hair line are both male and female.  Not my opinion of course, it is how it is being used.  It has been used as specific people and persons.  The thinness is a message about something being taken without permission.  Probably health, probably an unexplained health problem.  A health problem without a cause.

I haven’t worked through all of it.

It is not a good sign, a healthy sign for me or females and women when I am seen working without make-up.  It is not a good sign when my face and hair are not done like it was before when I worked at The Container Store.

It is a body of work to be worked through and done.  It all coordinates.

I do not understand this week’s work as it should have been a good week what with the amazing work I did on my own.  Yet, at work I was again treated as though the work I have been doing is not in any way valuable, appreciated, understood, or worthwhile.

Why is that?

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