Not Surprised

November 2, 2018

Do you mean to tell me that it actually never occurred to anyone else there was more going on than it was pitched in meetings to be?

I think you will find it is catastrophic if you go back and connect the altercations, events, and unexplainables.  For so many decades.

A group, not a single person, a group of persons some working together and some working at separate locations.  Farm work would at first seem to be it.  There is a lot of farm experience and previous work.  It looks like R&D at a food facility, flavor testing and inventing, etc.  They are using the facility and equipment to further their other motives.

I see there are many questions.  I know that paragrapgh alone is huge.

Do you want to tell me that a person with previous government employment and clearance that then went into showbusiness could not have ulterior motives?  Someone who has been seeing a therapist since they were a child?  Someone with a drug and alcohol problem?  Someone with a food disorder?  I don’t believe it.

It should be a worry that there was no struggle.  You just walked up and apprehended him.  No struggle.  No fight.  He did not run.  It would suggest that he has something in the works that he believes will go off, cannot be touched, something he believes no one is interested in, or will look for.

Millions and millions of dollars in a matter of hours?!

I am most truthfully, not surprised.

Better news story.


About land, governmental problems, governmental communication problems.  It is all I have at the moment.  You are not helping me.  This is not easy work.  This is some of the most complex and difficult work there is.  What do I get in return?  Interference.  Barriers.  And so on.

Unfortunately, I feel it was a bad morning in China.  It is not over.

How can I be surprised when I told you to begin with?

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