My Mother Was Murdered

November 5, 2018

Here the sunlight breaks through my windows.  And, I wonder.  I wonder how it took so long for me to get home.  The drive home shouldn’t have taken so long.  But, then.

In the light of recent events, I must believe that my mother was murdered.

She did not die of natural causes.  She was murdered.

Be careful, my real father will not do well when reading this.

I do not have to write what the recent events were.

I don’t believe my brother, or my father know or understand my mother was murdered.  For the convenience of timing.  And, the delay.  The delaying in letting me know my mother was dead…because they could not stand to see me grieve.

Dr. Cindy Kelly is somehow connected too.

This person considers it mercy killings.  New Orleans.

I believe it is a serial killer.  And, there are multiple serial killers.  Copy cats.  Dominos.

I am struggling at the moment.  I am not able to write completely at this moment.

You need to look at Walden Lake residents.  They might not still be living there.  This is probably not a surprise that there is a Walden Lake problem.

This funny man was brought to The Container Store, be careful, I took my mother – pre-strokes – to a funny movie of his in Plant City.  Look at his medical history.

I am not sure at this point if any of my mother’s stroke were real.  They seem staged.

You need to look at The Romanoff’s writers and production because too much of it was taken from my real life.

The last recent event was probably done to push me into watching The Romanoff’s.  Real or not?

I do believe there was conflict with David or other persons returning to Florida and to me.  Someone who could have said something as casual as, when is she (my mother) going to die and somebody like a person who would have to be sent to rehab because I said they were annoying could have done something terrible with it.  Like have my mother murdered.  For a documentary.  Or television.

Look at the people who were in charge of viewing me in this house before it went public.  There is someone who had a problem with how well I would have been welcomed into a family of a man who would and could love me.  I see it in the response of “Erin” at Brass Tap about how any man would love me.

I would have been welcome into any family of a man I was dating.  I am a difficult woman not to love.

David, I believe you and your wife have allowed this heavy weight on me to appease your wife.  So, you will not be so attracted to me.  Because you cannot control yourself around me.  Excited, happy, and then guilty at the same time.  You are married you should be content.  Perhaps, if this is real, it is just because you have been told not to be friends with me when we were in college.

Because of you and your wife and your selfish wants you have allowed the security of the nation to be at risk.  By the burden you have placed upon my body.

I will never be friends with your wife, she has with malicious and purposeful intent placed threats upon me and my body.

There is nothing wrong with taking time off.  I see him walking around his house.  He is not a man who takes time off.  However, I see why given the recent events he is thinking about if not chosen to do something different with his life.  Other people, his family are worried about him only because he is not a man who normally isn’t working.  He is ok, though.  Perhaps a new career or none at all.  He has worked hard.

I did stand outside in my grey I love you, USA sweatshirt that coincided with helping a man, in the rain of a “hurricane.”

Take a look at Full Sail and the students at Full Sail.  2011, 2012 and on.  There is a problem there.

Why is it that your sister does not allow you to have any female attention at all?  Any female.  It suggests there is a real problem.  She is a grown woman and she does not allow you to have female attention.  Teacher t-shirt.

I believe you found the correct man on the correct island.

The face map.  Streets, they are streets.  Explosive temper.  The idea was not his, another man thought of it.  Hair and eye colorings to match the victim.  The city I would need to think about, however it is there on the face.

A man, who worked for a governmental agency who had access and was then let go, he is the one I saw, that you thought last night, with programming skills that could create a program to analyze faces.  PI’s and so one could be hired to just wear dirty clothes, pimple explosives, dark death circles, bags under the eyes and so on.  To send messages.

You are wrong.  The thinking, and brain work I do while working is far more valuable than a pack rate number.


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