My Mother Was One of The Best People In The World!

November 5, 2018

Struggling to write everything that is being thrown at me.

It is not bad enough to deal with my mother’s murder.  I have financial problems.  Financial concerns.  Financial bills.  And, the burden of weight.

Correct, I did not say anything in response to her because I didn’t need to.  It looked like Courtney (Chelsea) had been removed from the building.  He should be mad at her and what she did in writing me up because I was speaking with those hims.  She does not like his brother?  What is wrong with her?  What is not to like?  Talk about insecure and immature.

There was a military stunt.  I saw it.  He was delivering medicine to a poor man in a poor village.  And, yes, I stopped him and their stupid stunt.  Why, you ask?  Because they had set a trap.  Do you hear me?  Are you reading this?  Are you reading my writing?!  They set up a trap for a solider, for a man in uniform, for a US citizen, for what?!  Publicity?!

I saw him as he was going.  I saw the trap, miles and miles ahead.  He would have been trapped for hours or days.  He would have been left without any support at all.  A man in our military.  In the US military was set-up to be trapped?!

If you do not like swearing please stop.  Please stop reading my blog now.  If you are not able to manage, or handle reading swear words – DO NOT READ HERE ANYMORE.





We are talking about the US military one of the finest militaries in the world!  And, you fuck-heads decided to set-up a man in uniform to be trapped?!


I see this man humping a pack!  Have you ever humped a pack before?!  I haven’t.  I sure know it is more work, deserves more credit and acknowledgement than to be set-up like a script of an ABC after-school special.


I did not sign up for ABC rewards on purpose.

I am beyond angry over this.


I did brain-call this conversation that the military in the Middle East is doing a great deal for the Middle East.  What was the mind-set before 9/11?  Suicide bombers?  Religious fanatics?  The US has done more for the Middle East and their reputation and their people than they have acknowledged.    


That is not the only thing I am managing at the moment.


I actually see and saw their pain, hurt, anguish, upset, and extreme betrayal.  From all of them.  At the same time.  I don’t even know them.  But I felt their pain and it was beyond the pale.  For me who does not know them.


Amazon needs to be questioned why they allow me to be placed in a position of vulnerability against attacks.


Have a look at Stephen Curtis Chapman, there are a lot of unexplained occurrences in his life since being at Amazon.


You need to look at prison guards.  Here in Florida.  There is a female prison guard, probably a size 8, or 10, maybe a size 12.  Feminine, but macho.  Has dated both men and women.  She has been working with the prisoners to commit crimes, most likely the mercy killings.  The reason for the black fan at the “White House” this nurse, this black nurse, this African-American woman is the one who injected my mother with death.  Killing my mother.  Murdering my mother.


Brother, are you ok?  Because I am not okay at the moment.


Please make sure my real brother is ok.


After every single stroke my mother loved people.  My mother wanted people to know she loved them.  My mother wanted people of all shapes, all sizes, all backgrounds, all nationalities, all cultures that God loves.  God loves them.  And, my mother, Gayle Gjestland loved them just because they lived.


Forgive me, I am struggling.

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