Extreme Alarm: Arrests to Be Made

November 7, 2018


The news story with former President Barack Obama has raised several alarms.  While working on the Obama campaign my manager Aubrey Bedell (I worked with Bev Bedell while employed at Visionworks who moved back to Ohio from Seminole, Fl while I was still employed) told me a story of how she had poisoned her cat “accidently” because there was a recall on the brand of cat food.

Aubrey Bedell, her husband Chad, her red-headed child Chloe moved to California.  Chad had worked in the IT department at Seminole Hard Rock Café, then received a job with NASA in California. (?)

It is the story of the killing of her cat.

It means it was someone’s intention (posters) and plan once I moved here to kill my mother.

There is a difference to be made.  Not everyone who has been involved is going to know it goes this far back.  The first permanently damaging stroke to my mother (2005), my mother shared the room with a Hispanic woman who was recovering from a hip replacement.  A baby was brought into the portioned room to visit with the woman.  The white nurse made a comment about how white the child looked.

This is not story-telling.  There are agency persons mostly former agency persons involved who are using these story lines.  I see them.

Someone had David and Courtney follow me on my way to visit my mother.  I saw them on motorcycle as I was leaving my mother.  They wanted to make sure I saw them, DC.  On that visit to my mother a vehicle in front of me flipped over without any injury to the vehicle or persons.

I want to know why my mother was not allowed to be readmitted back to the Wilder road nursing home.  The room they placed my mother in at the Lakeland facility was next to a coded door to the outside.  There is an adjacent building.  People had the means and ability to come and go in scrubs without checking in or being seen.

My mother was intentionally killed.

There has not been enough pressure placed upon Amazon, its head on down the line, to answer, to pay, and to correct criminal activities.  Not enough pressure by governments, by persons, by people, by agencies, by individuals, by anyone!

There seems to sill be a problem with receiving at The White House, Windsor Castle and the UK.  Is it possible someone is copy-catting after battle plans from the Civil War with shipments specifically?  After specific General’s battle plans?

One of the White House problems has to do with having the Cash’s visit me and my family in our Plant City home.  Art and Nancy Cash went on CTN, Christian Television Network it was a late-night show, I drove everyone to the studio. We were so early in fact that there were complaints about my timing.

Read this sentence: We received black people and persons in our home, in our Plant City home.


If you do not believe in me, then you do not belong in production.

If you do not believe in my abilities, talent, and skills, then you do not belong in production.

If you do not support me in any way, shape, form, or capacity, then you do not belong in production.

If you are working against me in any way, shape, form, or capacity, then you do not belong in production.

If you do not understand that EVERYTHING changed in less than a moment for me, for the world, then you do not belong in production.

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