Nursing Home Profile

November 8, 2018


This goes back a-ways.

There is money manipulation.  Discrimination within administrations.  Falsifying accounts.  Monies.  I see this.

Go back to the 90’s.  Investigate the administration of the Plant City Nursing Home on Wilder Rd.  My mother wanted to have my grandfather moved into the nursing home.  What I gathered from what she said, she was told erroneous information.  BECAUSE they wanted my mother to pay additional monies besides the Social Security that they would have received from him.

There is discrimination because he and she were Canadian.

Go there and speak to them and do not in any way be polite.  They need to have their fur and feathers undone.  There needs to be a ground shaking within many people’s lives.

Dana Jones, David Jones, and Daniel Jones.  Dana Jones was placed by me on the day Amazon shut-down for the “hurricane” 2017.  Dana Jones used to live in a house on Shady Oaks in Lakeland.  When I moved my mother into the nursing home, her family also had moved into an apartment in Lakeland.  She used to have a German Shepard dog.  Dana Jones, I am not sure this is a real story or not, used to have another son David who had some medical condition that required constant medical attention.  Dana was the primary caregiver.

Her son, David passed away several decades ago.

Dana has/had a very pronounced, pointed almost, overweight belly.

This should be investigated because if it was not because of Dana someone near her did permanent damage to her son.

The explanation to her son’s medical condition I do not believe anymore.  Dana will be undone by this information if she does not have something to hide.

Here’s why my alarm went off this morning; Dana in so many words spoke to me before about should not have allowed those persons in our home.  I am paraphrasing because I immediately dismissed whatever she said as nonsense from being raised in Florida.  She talked about having a black female friend (?) that she would visit their home, and it was understood between them her friend was never allowed or supposed to go to Dana’s home.

Because it is utter and complete nonsense to me, this is what year?!  This was the early nineties.  Such thinking is beyond my understanding.  It is not where I live – this is a figure of speech and nothing more.

It set off big alarms for me.

We used to go to church with Dana and her family that was mostly comprised of home-schooling families that met at the Plant City Women’s Club on Sunday’s.  Somehow there is a connection and wrong-doing.

Plant City Women’s Club is on the same street that I saw the Google car with my mother and was probably filmed by Google.

I see this manipulation of talking black persons probably while getting high, drunk, or other drugs about killing mostly older white persons, so their Social Security will go back into the “government bank” so there will be more money for them to live on.

Of course, it doesn’t work that way.  They are not overly-educated.

These are mostly persons who are living off – already – SSI, disability, and Social Security.

I don’t know where someone is getting the money from this other than collecting it from the administration side.  There is money being made.  Besides the satisfaction and enjoyment of killing people, and watching their eyes go dead.

It is really bad.  It has been going on for a very long time.  Someone at least one will put up a VERY big fight, be indignant, and fight.  Fight very, very dirty.  It is the best way I know how to write that.  Be careful and be prepared when speaking to people.

They are ruthless, devious, unrepentant, conniving, win-with-no-moral-compass-cost, criminals.

Donna Ashley caused a lot of problems for my mother.  They were friends, however she upset my mother often to the point of causing her fibrillation.

Betty, I forget her last name worked at a tomato packing plant at the end of Trapnell Rd.  She had gone through bankruptcy.  She was divorced.  There was something there that I didn’t like.  That I always felt I had to protect myself and my family from.

Did someone actually try committing suicide to prevent from being questioned?  Lying in a hospital bed?

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