Oh Goodie, Intelligence Is Here.

November 9, 2018

How is France’s economy, by the way?  It doesn’t look to me that they are in Napoleonic spending days.

That should prick the interest in some boy’s ears.  So, be careful.


What month is this?  November?  From a stunt pulled in May?  The month my mother was born.  Remember they doctored a photograph of my mother, my grandfather, and myself in our backyard of our Plant City home that is in black and white, doctored the image of my mother copying actions I did and had been done to me.  I have not yet been able to recover from the stunt that played out in the news media outlet from one news agency.  The photograph and my mother are both irreplaceable.

Should I or should I allow the Intelligence communities to inform you of the exceedingly dumb message that was sent, and how many lives you cost in the process?

The Cumberland Clerk likes something I have.  I will not write it here or tell you.  I have spoken about it in my head mostly at Amazon.  He likes something I have.  Goodie.

Without having to think about it, I placed the United Kingdom on my body, over my head.  Tell me what is the painting most associated with the Virgin Mary?  I think, I forgot.  What does the image of the Virgin Mary tell people when they look at her face?  What are the emotions?

Read it as an Act of War.

Someone has started a private war.  A war campaign.  Someone given password access.

There is a very scholarly man here.  He lives in England.  Probably in a village, or countryside, probably commutes often to London.  Very scholarly.

Without having to be teacher-trained, or race-trained into choosing sides, I sent a most powerful message around the World that WOULD HAVE PROTECTED PEOPLE had it not been undercut, undervalued, misunderstood, unappreciated, and contrived into something it never was, or ever could be.

I sent the message again, out my window.  The United States government and its people are now and will be working together with Britain, the United Kingdom toward the common good of our nations and the threats posed against us and our allies.  And, China?  China believes in me.

I upset very many powerful, influential, and bad people, didn’t I?  Yep.

Not the first time I’ve done that.

That one.  That one window alone struck a very big nerve and a very big chord.  You have a very big mole still working against his own British government.  I see him, I feel him about and I don’t like it or him.

What have been the news stories in Britain about the future of the Monarchy in the last several years?  Work it.

China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China – this also upsets someone VERY MUCH!

We planted a tree that bordered our neighbor, our first neighbor’s Don and Jan Wilt.  They moved back to Pennsylvania.  He used to be a Funeral Director.  The common name for the tree is China Doll.

Interesting fact, Whippoorwill, Whippoorwill’s used to wake me up at night when I first moved there.  Don complained about the noise to me.  The sound of the bird was from his yard.  I thought the bird was interesting.  I was able to go back to sleep.

The local law enforcement has over-stepped their authority and involved themselves without full-knowledge or ability as to what they were truly doing.  What their actions could create.  While off-duty, so they did not have to be accountable for their actions.  Is this normal behavior to anyone?

It is not normal behavior to me.  Harassment and personal attacks because my parents were not born in the United States.

You should be looking for a group, Church, or organization of persons who have ties and thinking with the Confederacy.  That should be a warning.  A warning that should be dealt with and dismissed after every criminal charge in the law books placed upon them and indicted.

There is also someone about who has never travelled outside the continental US.  This person does not comprehend the mistakes they’ve made, the threats they’ve allowed, and the harm they are still doing.  Their access should be removed, they should be down-graded.  National Security is National Security, it is not a television show.

Boys in Virginia, Intelligence communities, people of the world: I’ve seen his stance, I’ve seen him standing, I’ve seen him do this posture before beheading a woman who had just sexually serviced him while she was on her knees.

Below the collarbone to just above the pec muscles.

I believe there was someone in the room who saw and watched this happen.  Probably they would have been excited by it, and not able to share it.  They are most likely a native English speaker.


Do you choose to believe that those occurrences have not played out on me?

That paragraph alone should be a very big concern.  There are multiple threats involved.

Why is the Postal Service, a federal government program not secured?  Especially for me?


This should and will freak people out.  Good.

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