November 16, 2018

November 16, 2018


I am quite popular over there.  Why is that not being utilized?  Why is it not being utilized at all?!  Awe.  I saw awe.  Why is that not being utilized?!  Why is that not being utilized at all over there?!

What are the most watched and popular American television shows over there?  Work it and use it for a template of work.  It is going to be the best use, the greatest impact, it is a start to end these business transactions and mentality over there.


This is a code that has been and is being used.  Someone did not give up when I changed my license plate.  They will not give up if I buy a new car either.  E=MC2 is a code used.  C, being Columbia the country of Columbia, being connected to the District of Columbia.  By water, a river at both the District of Columbia and in the country of Columbia.  Squared being an object.  = is a road.  The rest are names.  It is old-time MI6, British Secret Intelligence.  There is an illegal drug and pharmaceutical connection.

I don’t understand, if you people already know this stuff why do you have me write about it?

Is there somebody who collects vintage, old-time, old-fashioned spy equipment?  Items purchased in non-conventional ways?

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