Military Uniforms

November 19, 2018


Here I am over the last few hours thinking and redesigning military uniforms.  Does anybody else do this?  In their spare time?  Redesign military uniforms?  Just me?  Oh, boy.  Cherith is a little, well it is probably a way to manage grief and anguish.

I was thinking of a way to place Kevlar into the fabric(s).  Using a material more like a durable Spandex material, and other fabrics, using Velcro closures with hook and loop fasteners to close the tops and attach the bottoms to the top.  I was thinking of ways to includes pockets everywhere.  Because I am sure there is never enough places to put useful items.

I also thought of making them less expensive to make.  Like I know how much a military uniform costs to make.  I don’t.  However, I am sure I could think of a way to make them better and less expensive at the same time.  Nobody else does this in their spare time?  Really?

I simply do not have enough access to information and information’s.

There is something significant about the belt.  About a belt.  I would need someone who knows everything about the details and reasoning behind its design of the US military uniforms and the military uniforms around the world.

There is something significant about the belts used in US military uniforms, how it looks, and what it says to people.  The shape it creates, the dimension of it, the statement a belt makes.

Sloppy is quite bad.  It is a bad look.  It is an IQ quotient.  An intellect factor, and, more.

At first, I thought the belt, or a belt was the equator.  I am not sure that is good enough.

That was as far as I got because, well, I need more information, access to more information, and research resources in order to get through the messaging.

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