Two Girls Now Tonight!

November 19, 2018

The note my mother wrote to me when I returned home from work about the two adult women from Spain staying as guests in our home.  Has been bothering me something terrible.

I did not know then, nor would I have guessed that a person would be able to create a stroke by ingesting something given to them.  It did permanent damage.  They would have watched her, not helped her, and did not get help for her.

I think my mother believed it might have worn off.

Not to mention my mother tried to get help from different places, different sources, different people about what experiences we were living through and received no help from anyone here.  I went with my mother to a lawyers, as an example.  In so many words he told us we were crazy.  Because how many people live as the target of your neighbors surveillance?  Perhaps more than are aware.  It feels like a standard operating procedure at the local law enforcement here.

It is so heinous.

Who those two women really were has been bothering me.

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