November 20, 2018

November 20, 2018


Go back to 1955 or so until present.  California and Los Angeles specifically as the epicenter.  There is a problem and something bothering me about agencies in that state and Los Angeles specifically.  I don’t quite know how to explain it.  There is a fundamental agency problem.  There is a leadership problem amongst some working at agencies going back that far.

This is a different problem.  This has been bothering me.  The two Spanish girls, and Gorka who was living in Tampa at the time they attacked my mother, giving something to my mother to cause a stroke and watch her.  I do not understand why someone sought out my family, my mother, and myself.  We are not famous, or wealthy.  There is no money.

It is feels somewhat like home-grown terrorism.  It feels like former spies and foreign intelligence creating their own agency to work from.

There could be fatherland and motherland references.

There are discrepancies with EF and Academic Adventures in America.  There are discrepancies with Sandy Hill.

I cannot understand hurting my family, the health problems my mother endured, the car accidents, the discrimination against my family, and killing my mother.

I was tested twice while at West Gresham Grade School.  The paperwork here has been altered.  The original paperwork said my reading comprehension was several grades levels above my actual grade.  The conclusion being I was not dyslexic.  The true nature of the testing seems duplicitous.

Sheriff, I have not finished thinking that through therefore, I cannot write simply to satisfy your ego.

Something happened within production, here in the complex, and elsewhere when I used the blackhead remover product.  It has to do with clean pores.  It has nothing to do with a head or an actual removing of a head.  It does have to do with the color black.  They have been working to kill and destroy me ever since.

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