Bad Drugs

November 21, 2018


I would sell my soul for that, I brain-saw a man who does not fit the profile say that, if not out loud he thought about it.  He would sell his soul for the drug that was injected with a needle into his arm.

He asked for it.  He did not have a gun held to his head or forced the drug, he asked for it.

This drug I saw is unlike any other drug, unlike any other drug most people are aware of.  What it does in the brain is unlike any other drug.  It changes the brain.  It turns the brain into what looks like chunks of melted plastic.  This is what I saw.  There might not be a recovery from that.

This man is in charge of a big news agency.

He was perfect for them to use.

It only makes sense now in hind-sight that his leadership was more than flawed.

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