Ridiculously Dumb

November 23, 2018


There are so many of these so called “rules” or game-playing, or teacher-training that they find so ridiculously dumb.  I do not want to write exactly how it makes me and us appear to them.

There are so many things that have been used, they do not care about.  I cannot tell you how bad that is when they appear more normal than the people who have been in charge.

My robe is not seen as a black hole.

For both parties, it is a positive for us when I am physical.  If I use my foot to open a door or push a tote those sorts of things are a positive for us.  In more ways than I have time to write.

Colors, brands of clothing most of that is completely irrelevant and unimportant to them.  Almost 90-95% irrelevant.  It is what happens that matters.  This says so much more than I am willing to write.

My vehicle, Civic, is most definitely seen specifically.  The injuries and damages caused and inflicted upon my vehicle are seen as the US government.  I am not seen as the Secret Service, or any of these story lines.

I will not write as I know I am seen.

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