November 23, 2018


Did they actually find a mass grave in Stuttgart?  From WWII?  Or earlier?

That is what it looks like.  I find it difficult to believe.  It means there are still more bodies, after all these years, to be found.

It is not what I was looking for.  So, it does not ease my mind.

Was it money in Luxembourg?


Does somebody literally have a problem with Germany because it is geographically closer to Norway than their Nationality, country of origin, or country?  If so, remove them at once.


No, I do not have to tell you or write every one of my family’s names.  You are mistaken.


I like Bavarians, Bavaria, and Germany.  Bavarians are good, solid, decent, hard-working, friendly people.  Be careful, that means because I value them somewhere somebody from within will want to work against that rather than supporting me in my opinion or conclusions.

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