It Is Not Seen That Way

November 25, 2018


It is not seen the way the storyline(s) have been directed.  One shirt in particular is not seen the way they are trying to create a script, storyline, and news stories.  I am not comfortable writing anymore here about it.

My shoes, one in particular is not seen the way the storylines are being directed.

Annihilation is what I saw, however it is not enough for me to be more specific.

I believe the source who wants a response from me regarding yesterday is not of good standing or a legitimate request, so I will not write it here.

Hangers on, there are hangers on in production, it is a mentality I find not of good character.  It is so repulsive to me.  I will write no more about it.

My Grandparents deaths, I now find suspicious.  My Grandmother died of a stroke.  After I went with my mother to an appointment waited in the waiting room where two black women were talking to each other.  One complaining of the terrible nightmares she was having of stones and liver.  When I spoke up and said she did not have to suffer with bad dreams.  All she had to do was in her mind, say no.  She could fight back in her mind even in a dream.

Find the movie connection yourself.

I believe that appointment was set-up to film and watch me by agency persons.  I was just a teen-ager.  I was just sixteen.

Do you understand what took place in that short amount of time?  Because I do.  Brain research.  I destroyed years of classified work by saying, no.

My Grandfather died in a Geriatric hospital.  I find his death suspicious.

This is a pattern for someone, attacking the women first, the least threat, then go after the men.  She is a terrible subversive.  She could never be a coach.  She needs to be in prison for the rest of her life.

If this happens to me, an everyday person, it is happening to other Americans and people around the world.

I wore those pants upon delivery for a reason.  See the bread purchase.  There is someone who does not understand grief.  I cannot abide what happened to them.  I am not willing to write more.

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