No, You Are Mistaken, Again

November 27, 2018


No, you are yet again, mistaken and causing very bad damage in ways you are to me obviously incapable of understanding to begin with.

First off there is someone who thinks they are creating excitement by overwhelming me with endless tasks, writing assignments, busy work within my home, etc.  It is nothing but false bravado.  I see through it.  They can leave.  They need to leave.

All anyone must do is believe, believe in me, believe in me starting in their brain, starting with their mind, starting with all that grey matter that is so very important, believe that I am more than capable, believe in me, and it will because it has already, happen.  It is very simple, believe in me.  It won’t cost you anything.

There is no one.  No one for whom I cleaned my car, street and sidewalks for who believes for a moment that it should be seen as pressure washing.  There was no pressure at all about it.  In fact, it was seen as such an important moment, a moment that I created, I am unwilling to write about how big the effect it created.

Yes, not every moment of my work is necessarily classified, however I am unwilling to write about every moment of the work I do.  I have and will use my discretion.  This is yet another reason why I am still working.  It is brought to me for a reason.

You need to know how they think about the managing of me at work.  I mean every person that walks up to me to tell me my work is a number, walks up to me with a laptop, or in any way gives me feedback, information, or talks to me about the work I do that is in any, I mean any way, negative.  These criminals have more respect for me than my own management team.  They have more respect for me and my abilities than my own management.  If that does not speak to you in immeasurable ways, then you do not understand what is happening in the world we live in.

By not giving me respect and support within the building for the work I do does not allow me to have the best impact and effect in the work I do.

Yes, I am getting pressure at work to return my recent glasses purchase.

Yes, I am getting pressure at work to return my recent purchase of shoes and other items.

It is a way of management that has been going on since 2014.  Return everything I buy as if that it in any way logical or helpful.

I have not written this on purpose, however it should be known a celebrity has found hidden cameras within their homes.  I would not be surprised if that is not an isolated incident.  I would not be surprised if every celebrity involved has hidden cameras within their homes.  Did you think they would stop with me?

Who would benefit if all those homes need to be swept for bugs?

The messaging is not universal because they actually take into consideration the culture of each country.  That – says a lot.  Or, did you miss the part I already wrote about – sophistication.  These are not hicks or homeless bums.  I actually see their thinking.  Are you able to do that?!

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