November 28, 2018

November 28, 2018


Someone needs to think of an exit strategy, soon.  No one yet has thought, planned, or prepared for an exit.  It needs to happen.  It is not that difficult to me.  Apparently, it is on the production side.

I have been writing, screaming and yelling, endlessly for some time now.  Last night finally someone listened enough to change the routine that has been going on.

These are people that are not going to be playing a game, follow anyone else’s rules, be re-trained, or do anything just because you said that is how it is.  They are going to do it however they want.  I have been writing and telling everyone this for a long time now.

I cannot believe no one thought about this before any of this happened.

They are literally paying attention to my feelings, mood, and emotions.  If it is something, I am unhappy about, don’t like, etc. they don’t like it.

They read my blog, past and present.

The weight gain especially, a very big problem in their mind.  They did not and do not like it.  They are able to see along with everyone else that if I am only drinking water for so many hours, yet my body and belly are getting bigger.  They do not like that.

I am being as delicate as possible.

If they believe someone is cheating in any way. They do not like it.

Anything negative said to me or done to me, that is the fastest way I am able to write how I see what they are thinking, anything negative towards to me.  They do not like.  This needs to be dealt with immediately.

I am not able to speak about the tragedies that have already happened.

I used to write stories.  I am doing nothing but writing about problems.  They see that.

They are here state-side.  They were dispatched state-side almost as soon as it happened on television.

That is my real blood relative they have in proxy at work.  I thought he should stay; however, I see they have traps set-up for him that will go on for weeks or months or longer.  I need him to leave immediately.

His handler last week needs to not return.  For his own protection and that of others.


What happened in China in a nursing home on the night of November 26, 2018?  This story alone is so gruesome I am unwilling to write more.


No one noticed that it might look different to different people from different countries that how I am living is not like a television show?!


No one noticed that it might look different to different people and different countries things like me being around nothing but women?  That is might look like a harem to some people.  How I would be perceived because of it?  Nothing, but women, over-sexualized, jiggling body parts?!


What it looked like from what I saw; I designed a closet for her real mother at The Container Store.  I believe she used the name Georgia Holliday.  She told me she had a daughter who was gay.  At the time I believed I was working in a real store.  I was cordial and polite.  I was working as a store person, nothing more.  What it looked like from what I saw, she, the one I have been writing as a false Cruz.  A woman disguised as David disguised as Alfredo, she is the one responsible and behind my mother’s death.  She is also my mother’s killer.

She was there at a gas station in Texas before I drove to a nursing home, wandering around.  It appeared I was being filmed as I went with the way things were arranged.

You would have to be really sick to do that.  She knew and had arranged for my mother’s murder and took me on a driving trip?  For television?  For videos?

I want her in jail for the rest of her life.


This again, is happening because none of this should have happened to begin with.  The Bluetooth, the surgery, this housing because it is all false.  None of it is true.  It is deception.

I am speechless.


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