US Military & US Government

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




November 29, 2018


United States Military and the United States Government, I need you to take over that building.  I need you to take over the building I work in.  I need you to take over behind the scenes work.  I need you to classify the entire complex.  In both cities.  With every aspect of business and transactions that take place, including car purchases such as gasoline.

I need the woman you assigned to the task on the night of November 28. 2018 never to return to my building.  She along with very nearly everyone has failed to realize what is truly at stake every day I go to work, every day I am here in this capacity.  She believes it is nothing more than a television show.  She left within a half an hour and giving her orders.  How does Cherith know that?  She was not in front of me, yet I know.

What happened to the mission after she left?

She gave her orders and immediately they set about to work, well, she didn’t say we couldn’t do this, she didn’t say we couldn’t do that.  It shows!  IT FUCKING SHOWS AND READS AND SCREAMS IN MY HEAD BECAUSE I ACTUALLY SEE IT BECAUSE THEY SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

She is wrong.

I see her thinking.

Along with a good portion of persons assigned to me, they also believe what I do and the work I do is nothing more than a television show.

It is as if to say the work I do is nothing more than stunt work in a movie, a faked wrestling match for television, an actor playing a part saying and reading words directed to her.


Prepare your mind because this will sound very dispassionately harsh and cruel believe me in my heart, I am speechless.


They have been very successful at proving to you and showing you, otherwise.


Because you failed to realize that in that moment that I asked, Where’s the Eel?  Everything changed.  The entire world, the whole world changed in that moment.

I use the non-specific “they” because I believe what you have allowed by not showing them that I am the boss that I am in charge of the room, that I am in charge of the building because it is so beyond obvious to them of my skill, talent, and ability they have combined their criminal associations to show you, I am the boss.

You would never have gotten what was taken home recently without me.  I am not being boastful.  I know you would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have gotten that without me.  Ever.  That was so far removed from your sight you would never have gotten it.  Ever.

Hold him as long as possible.  For the simple reason, it will not hurt.  Someone will notice.

Ask the UK, London, ask France, Paris(ish) what happened on the night of November 27, 2018.  They would never, never have gotten that information without me.  Ever.  It would have been too late.

That attack, that hit, that has no expiration date in connection with a movie and my brother is designed for me.  Someone(s) has a headshot of me.  Probably every headshot I have had taken in my life.  My acting headshots.  Work it.


I need my father to stay escorted and protected within this complex.

I need my brother to stay escorted and protected within this complex.

I need neither of them to ever again be on the drive or in the building.

I need them to never be seen by me while in this complex.


You failed to classify my brain-speaking on the drive home.  You set-up a trap for me and the President of the United States by brain-speaking, You’re good.  Had I placed a wine bottle anywhere visible you would have set up attacks on others.  Because my manager would have written me up or verbally coached me on it.

If they find out that you were simply testing me?!  Then, you failed.  I do not have to prove anything to them.  Ever.  Ever again.  I see it.

Every time you have my manager “write me up”, “verbally coach me”, or in any way allowed a negative effect upon me the way I see it as negative, you have just given permission to a criminal to murder, kill, or steal.  They have heightened the intensity of their attacks because you have failed to see what they have been very successful at doing.  You have failed to notice what they are saying to you.  I know.  I understand them very well.  I have been writing it for months.

The fact that you had me brought into the HR on site to tell me that me using my foot to open the door and saying that it was “overly aggressive” speaks volumes.  Because I used my discretion in that moment uncertain of how many people were actually in the room probably saved more lives than I could know.  They, those who were standing behind others in that room wanted me to use the words US military, I was unwilling to do so not simply because of the proxy of a woman disguised as a man before I walked to HR.  Someone in that room, in that conversation wanted to use me to say that the US military is being overly aggressive at specific locations around the world.  I do not believe that.  That conversation in HR, the conversation with my manager following that telling me that they “verbally coached” me from that conversation needs to be worked and looked at.

Everything about the process of work in that building and, in this complex, needs to be reworked.

That conversation in HR says volumes to me.  I need a classified male military strategist permanently assigned to me and the building.

I need someone who is classified who has worked with Asian gangs who understands Asian gang mentality.

I need someone who is classified to be permanently assigned to the building until the end of the show.

I need a classified person to have oversight and accountability of every person and conversation that takes place in my head and out loud in that building.

I need a classified male personnel, a man who can understand the difference between the words copy, and roger that.  Copy to them because it is not a surprise to me that they speak English, copy says to them, following orders, doing as I am told, mindlessly doing an action.  Roger that, says, I understand, I comprehend, I am using my brain and thinking ability.


I need “Casey” and her dim-witted friends to never be allowed access on the drive or in the building.

I need that man I dated to never be on the drive or in that building in person or by proxy.  It is so very obvious to them he was never a match for me.  They will take it out on others because of it.

When I show up to work not well-rested or without make-up on it is not a negative to me.  They see it as a negative toward you.  You failed to understand them.  I didn’t.  I haven’t.


I got it.  Smart lasers.


I need you to reconsider the overtime days and hours.  I see it.

It is going to be seen the amount of time it took for me to write after working yesterday.  It is a negative.


I do not believe his hairline is a concern, they are more sophisticated than you understand.  They understand there is someone else behind the connections.  Work it.  Do not allow it again.


That building literally needs to read classified.

I am unable to write anymore at this moment.

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