Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




December 1, 2018

When you pull a weed.  Get the root.

If you are expecting some grand entrances of patches today, I am too tired.

It is not a surprise to me that man does not speak English.  Safely tucked away in prison.  He also appears to be responsible for brain-cutting on me while at work.  Did they actually think he was somebody else?  You got him because he was actually told to do collateral damage to my brain by another man.  They want to hurt him for it in prison.

The other man you have in jail, the one that was not too difficult to get to.  This is going to sound cruel, it should be considered a gift.  That is how they see it.  It will not ease your grief.

Yeah, again, I did not give some random person information that I know I have for any other reason other than I don’t have to.  Obviously, I do not have enough information.

Wow, what a fantastic text message I received by some random person this morning letting me know how fat they think I am.  How very gracious of you.  That man and his girlfriend should never return to the drive, my building, or this complex.  They will only bring harm to the US military because of it.  Because you failed to notice they were taking it out on others in your treatment and care of me.

The closest approximation I can translate for you is, hypocritical.  Did you get that?  They thought they would be safe from me because they do not speak English.  I am getting it in Chinese, I am understanding it in Chinese, and I am translating it.

Wow, I guess it might take longer since, what?!  Yeah, there is more than one Chinese language.

Hypocritical is a big one.

Abnormal, the way I live as they see it.  Verging on perversely abnormal.  Hypocritical.

Of course, I’m single.  That is the truth.  To place someone in front of me so that I will wear something different is only going to bring harm to others.  I am completely unattached.  That is the truth.

95 – 98% of this “game play” or “rules” like underwear, anything with my driving, my clothing, food purchases, purchases of any sort, doors, the route I walk at work, nearly 95 – 98% of what has been – what you and others might perceive as previously established – should be abolished.  They are willing to commit crimes to show you, you have no idea what you have in me.

Using this location in conjunction to the White House, I cannot tell you or write how ridiculously stupid they see you because of it.

They are so much more logical.  You are so interested in yourselves you failed to see what they are actually doing because of it.

Every week, there is this script set-up to make me scream my eyes out emotional because you are addicted to seeing me upset.  I have gone numb because of it.

I am emotionally numb anymore.  My own mother was murdered and killed by the people who were taking care of her and I have gone numb.

You purposefully set-up missions to fail.  So, you can get off on watching me get upset about it.  This is such a mistake I cannot write the damage you do by putting this on.

I will never be interested in missions designed to fail.

You and the children can leave.  Leave my complex.  Leave my building.

I am emotionally numb.

You have actually had that conversation and phone call outside my door on 11/30/2018 hi-jacked.  I saw him.  It triggered something for him after I watched Sherlock, so he hi-jacked his phone to get to me.

Fascinated.  They are fascinated by me.  That is in no way enough.  This set-up takes a portion of the blame.

God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, how this bothers someone so extensively they want to rip their hair out.  God, God, God, God, God.

Anything that they might believe I am doing because someone told me to, is a very big no-no.

Guess what, I am no longer wearing my Norway t-shirt to work.  Because I have a brain, I will not be sharing my reasons for it.

Emotionally numb.

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