Too Much

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




December 10, 2018


You’re just going to have to wait.

Did somebody really think they won something because I have not prefaced every writing with these disclaimers?  YOU FAILED!  They, everyone, and people are following my writing not the other way around.  It does not make me a leader.  I am writing, a writer, nothing more.

Someone, a very bad person, wants access to the academics in my family, and to Leif Gjestland.  I need all the male members of my Gjestland family and my mother’s maternal side, male members to stay protected until I am able to write more.  It has to do with my Grandfather, Aksel Gjestland, his death in South Africa seems suspicious given the timing.  I believe it was done to send a message back to Oregon.  To Gresham, Oregon and the persons working in my neighborhood.

The message being, the women are the strong ones.  The men are weak in that family.  They had my Grandfather killed for it.

If Robert Redford had something stolen from one of his homes, probably a Ranch home it has to do with the movie Out Of Africa and the connection to the stillborn deaths in Denmark.

I would question the actors, writers, and production from the movie Out Of Africa.  Am I the only one who thinks Sydney Pollack death is suspicious now?

I don’t know this man’s name.  He has been used as a Star Wars proxy, an Abrams family member.  I have never seen him in this way.  Ever.  He has been very successful on his own because he is good.  I have said in my head at work, in my home, thought about his brain.  He has a good brain for this type of work considering he has spent most of his life working in television.

A friend of your ex-wife, is trying to start trouble, she is an instigator.  He probably already knows who it is just by that description.  That is why I told him to go back to his ex-wife.  I was correct.  It looks like you are going to find out something about your ex-wife you are not going to like.

Did he actually go back to his ex-wife and he is actually sad and unhappy?  Sad and unhappy in such a way he does not understand why?  Leave him alone.  He is a man.  He is able to choose and make his own mind up.  Allow him to be a man.  I would.

That Chinese woman who I identified as responsible for their father’s death, her picture?!  Are you kidding me?!  She is not savvy at all!  She is cheap, tawdry, dirty, an addict, and no match for the Eel.  They also knew it.  That is the fastest way I am able to write about the meaningless of that woman.

You have someone, a woman, working in the building who is communicating with Brianna.  This woman is a conniver.  I would never be seen with such a person otherwise.  Normally, I would not talk about such a person in this way; however, she is trash.  She has the ability to be a better person and she chooses to be a conniver and trash.

Helga, I did not give myself enough credit.  Helga is me.  Helga is my hair, and my body.  She is just not my height.  Height could also be an elevation if you failed to get that the first time.  I was thin.  I was lean and muscularly toned, before.

I have no idea why someone would want to send a message around the world that it is ok to disrespect the US military.  I do not believe in disrespecting the United States military, its role in relations around the world, and the work it does.  That is the message you sent when you bloated my belly to hang over my belt at work.  You, not I, disrespected the US military.  I would never allow such a thing.  Ever.  The damage something so small as that amount of disrespect you are obviously incapable of understanding what is truly going on.

The Christmas Tree, from what I saw looks like you gave it to a television studio to turn it into a comedy.  You have no idea what I wrote.  The Christmas tree profile is so significant no one that I have seen seems to grasp the severity of the situation in the United States and around the world.

I am really emotionally upset and distraught.

It looks like Brianna wanted to hurt me more than she wanted to hurt David by injuring my mother.  Brianna is happy she is in jail because she is around like-minded persons as herself.  I want her to look at my mother night and day.  My mother loved everyone.  Brianna took and killed if not in full, she took my mother and her strength away from me.

How do you enjoy walking and driving past that frame knowing you are being filmed by a hidden camera in the process?

I am really having a difficult time with my mother’s strokes and death.

I really do not believe in the management at Amazon that chooses to create such uncertainty and instability by placing my employment in peril every week.  I am not interested in decorating, spending money, planning, or writing when every week management at Amazon chooses to conspire against me.

Every time you place a black female manager over me, over me, I will only see it as my mother’s killer and Amazon choosing to agree that it was acceptable and ok to have killed my mother.

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