Plant City, Disney, Sherlock

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




December 11, 2018


What the hell is wrong with you people?!

Who is interested and wanted a delay in production this week?

It should not be a surprise that it is a little more than difficult for me now, and that black female manager is less than a support to my work.

Stop trying to use me to for your own agenda.  It has been proven it falls flat.  Every time.  I am the one.  Not the other way around.  Obviously, the color of my skin has not changed.  The simple-mindedness of this constant black and white agenda is perverse.  Perverse to me.

Since the arrival of Chelsea, she has put my employment in peril for her perverse criminal activities.

No, I do not have to leave any light on when I leave my home for any reason.  YOU FAILED, to comprehend that having a television show that featured entering my home while I am away could and does send a message to criminals that their breaking and entering was and is ok.  You validate criminal enterprises by doing so.

I am so disgusted.  You had me go back to work for Disney to validate several people’s perverse crimes against me and my family.  In their head it is like a sick and perverse throb in their groin and genitals that they got to see me there again.

You caught someone because of my eyeglasses.  They created this “envision” notion to cover up their crimes and validate the stroke that took my mother from me.  They are probably also responsible for her death too.  Her glasses on the oven door.  Not the counter.  Not fallen on the floor.  Not on the table.

Do you know it was Erin and Danielle at The Container Store who started walking around the store holding glasses, and displaying glasses?

The oven door.

The oven door.

Like Hansel and Gretel fatted to be cooked and consumed.

Like the crematorium at Dachau.

Lying face down on the floor.

The reference in Sherlock is a little too coincidental.

What the hell is and was going on at Disney?!  When I worked there?!

They must have been watching me the whole time I was working to see how long it would take me to get to my mother.  Watching me.

Did they cut into the camera feed at work or were they in the building with me?!  I think they were there.

In that Sherlock I could nearly go by line by line of dialogue and references to me, college, and Florida.  The biggest problem with the agencies here in Florida is the mind-set.  I literally see that they were more worried about the appearance to neighbors than the work.  MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WORK?!  WTF?!

The neighbor’s 4203 Thackery in Plant City I never had a good opinion of.  Ever.  They always used Rob as a buffer.  I think it will be difficult to find their true motives.

The killers who watched me when I returned home to my mother were watching me from either 4121 Thackery or more likely 4119 Thackery.  It would have been a tricky and difficult eyeline.  There were of course, the skylights to view from.

I know they were there because it kept pulling my brain and mind from my mother.  Why I could not think about call 911 until after I spoke with my father.  Had I known my brain then it would be a different story.  I see them in my brain now.

If the timing is to be believed this story is of such a size it is monumental.

My mother was in a car accident in the 60’s in a Volkswagen.  When we moved here to Florida, she was in another car accident where they rear-ended her at a red light.  They ran into her as she was stopped at a red light – A RED LIGHT – and they charged my mother with the responsibility of the accident?!

Princess Grace’s death is a little too suspicious for me.  With the child in the vehicle too.  Too suspicious.  What was Princess Grace working on non-profit at the time of her death.  They look to me like they were a powerful couple.

If the timing of Prince Rainer’s death is accurate, it is too suspicious.  My mother had a stroke in 2005.

I recall a time I was driving my mother and father from a shopping trip at Costco.  I prevented an accident where they would have hit me at the driver’s side door.  I see it.

Without the Bluetooth and the surgery, they would never have been able to touch me.  EVER!    

Dr Kelly is a little more than suspicious in all of this to me.  Her name.

Marvin from The Container Store was not wise to have him from Portland, Oregon.  Brain research.  This house was set-up to do brain research.  THEY FAILED!

Marvin from The Container Store was a dark browned haired white woman in her late twenties, early thirties, 5’4” or 5’ 5” 135 to 155lbs.  She used to talk to me at work.  I would think of other things while she spoke because nothing she said was of any importance to me.  Her boyfriend was in law enforcement.  Local Police.  She got a tattoo on the inside of her lower lip, DO WORK.  I was creating a list of work to do when I would get home, I did my taxes, I organized my day while she spoke.  Whatever she spoke about, it all sounded simple and dumb to me.

The stroke my mother had in 2005 must have happened because someone called me at work.  Most likely a woman, and I did not give her the answer she wanted.  She would have been trying to manipulate me, find a way to connive me, and she could not.

You got that arrest because I was talking out loud as I was entering the vision location.  Out loud about how there was a woman who caused trouble for a man – agency level – because he enjoyed his work so much and the purpose of the work, he would go to work on his days off.  It gave him energy.  A boost.  However, it looks like there were two married people having an affair using the office for their affair.

This man who enjoyed his work so much did not pass judgement on the two having the affair and would not have gone out of his way to get them in trouble.  He was working.  Nothing more.  However, the woman, portrayed by a black female police officer, I actually see this, became convinced he would cause trouble for them in the affair.  She gave false testimony.  Didn’t she?

These two are both now divorced.  And they put an innocent man in jail because he liked his work.

I am at times Jim Moriarty in dialogue, not in character.  I changed my plans.  I do not wonder why.  I know.  Sometimes it is too difficult to tell who was using me for good and who was not as it must be clear to everyone by now, they have been using me for decades.  Decades.  They received the credit.  I did the work.

I saw this several days ago, a piece that looks like it is on display at a museum.  The backdrop looks like museum lighting in a case.  Carved wood, or stone, or petrified stone of a family.  The family history, siblings, parents.  Real or not?  Does such a thing exist?

How did they get James Franco involved here because his performance of James Dean is a concern and suspicious to me?

No, David you should not be in charge or a supervisor over me.  You work better with your brother in charge of the work I create.

You all failed to see I do not need a manager and the pretense is doing harm.

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