December 22, 2018: You Would Have To Be The World’s Worst Reader



December 22, 2018


From everything I have seen, you still fail to understand.  I am the key.  I’ll let you think about that for a few days.  You might need the time.  I am the key.  It is not the other way around.

I was supposed to have the role in The Miracle on 34th Street in the 70’s when we were in California.  My mother told me this story several times that is not how she talked about it.  However, that is what I see.  I was supposed to have the role.  I did not get cast in college in the production of The Diary of Anne Frank.  I’ll let you think about that for a few days.

I voted for Al Gore, this is from Sherlock BBC.  I’ll let you think about it.

They replaced the lenses in my glasses when I took them to the store to have them adjusted, so that I will not be able to see distance in color.  Someone is so obsessed with me they do not want me to see anything other than black and brown.

Even bad men loved my mother.  What movie is this from?  It is true.  Russell Crowe should be wondering how he got his first big movie roles.  I am sure I was involved by proxy.  Am I the only one that sees the connection between that movie and the Twilight books?

They weakened the very sharp mind of my mother.  Who do you love?  Who do you love?  Who do you love?  Who do you love?  Who do you love?  This will say something to many people.

What movie is it from?  It is verbatim from my mother’s real life.  I painted a capital G for my mother in a very similar color of yellow as Raneem Oudeh.  I gave my mother a snow globe with one rose in the globe a similar color of yellow.  THIS SHOULD SCREAM HUGE CONCERN FOR THE WELL-BEING OF THE WHOLE WORLD!

I am not the only person to actually think in truths beyond – what would happen if this was true – I see something very bad and I do not like it, Russia.  Be aware my t-shirt has nothing to do with you, with Russia, and most specifically Putin.  Putin is trying to get a foothold through me.  He cannot.

This is true, when your people in Russia find out what you have done, Putin, you will be sorry.  I do not like what I am seeing over there.  My shirt does not, has not, will not in anyway be regarded by my person in affiliation with Russia.

If it is possible to give a person cancer, and I have seen this several times it has been used as a way to kill people where they will never be imprisoned.  It has been used as a hit or murder, or contract killings.  Then, there has to be a cure.  There has to be.  I could be a help there too.

I am not under any misconceptions that I will no longer be working with the US government and its military.  Of course, I will.  I asked for Tim and David to leave because they are not there in person everyday and they are being used by proxy and I do not like it.

As I see it you should consider the threat to me after publishing this, greater than anyone.

This is not new.  In eighth grade my science teacher asked me to read out loud.  I read several pages.  She asked me after I read what it meant.  I said, I don’t know.  Do you know why I said that?  I was thinking about something else while reading.  I did not stutter or mispronounce words.  I gave the correct inflection and pauses while reading.  Can you read out loud and think about something else?

My teacher sent me to a remedial reading class.  She was mistaken.  It probably cost someone their life because of it.  A boy in that reading class who sat behind me to my right, read out loud.  I lost it.  I started yelling at him.  I don’t remember yelling any other time at school kids.  It was a simple word like, than.  You don’t know how to say than?!  You can’t say than!  T -h – a- n!  Than!  How can you not know how to say than?!  On and on I ranted.  I never had to go back to that class.  Obviously, they had someone there by proxy.

You would have to be the world’s worst reader, the world’s dumbest criminal if there was a notion ever that me or any member of my immediate family could ever go against the US government.  This notion is out there on the basis of my mother being from Canada and my father being from South Africa.  It is the stupidest notion.

I am the key.

Beyond rage.  I am beyond rage, I am so upset.

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