December 26, 2018: No One Has A Clue



December 26, 2018


Did you find the murder weapon where I told you to look?

You should have gotten something from someone already in prison from the sketching I placed on my window.  I used to draw it all the time as a child, in pencil.  Pencil is a medium that needs no special equipment.  It is available anywhere and everywhere.  It is my face.  The image of the one closed eye and the one open eye is a mismatch, if you noticed.  The closed eye being my right eye, the open eye being my left eye.  The mole is over my right eye, yet in real life it was over my left eye.  It has since been removed.

Order a Cherry Lime Ricky, no alcohol, see what happens.  See what you get from it.

Look at the TV show, Alf.  My mother knew the actress that played the mother, there is something in that show about spies, escaped convicts, and mostly normalizing people spying on Americans.

Did they or did they not literally relax after having viewed an old performance footage of mine?  They did.  I have been most truthful in my assessment of me.  It blew your minds a bit.

My brother was most upset after his car accident.  It looks like something simple in his mind.  As if to say, he was thinking if he stopped for gas at this location or on this day instead, something simple like that then he wouldn’t have been in a car accident.  The extent of his injury tells me they meant to kill him.  My brother is very book-smart intelligent.  I see the convenience store persons from the police report, lied.  There information is full of lies.

Be careful, my mind, my brain, my thinking ability is what is key, here.

I am disfigured for the rest of my life because of that false surgery.  I want the people responsible to be put away for the rest of their lives.  Disfigured.


Here is my analysis:

Redbeard – the bread.  My mother was finding connections in news stories, I believe since before I was born.  She saved at least one that I remember.  A wedding in Los Angeles, and a car crash on the same day, the couple were from Calgary.  I am uncertain if my mother knew them.  She was seeing connections in news stories.  She wouldn’t have kept that to herself, she would have told people, she would have gone to the authorities.  She might, however, have only gone to the local police instead of the FBI or CIA.

I have a problem with how I see the FBI projected it is a problem for me as it has been as long as I can remember.  The FBI being not very intelligent.  It is a projection.  If I see it as a projection it is a problem to correct.

It makes Disney management at the Tampa call center, culpable.  We knew a Goff family.  They took exchange students, at least once, with my mother.  It does not look well for them.  I am not sure of their employment or their real employment.  It does not look well for them.

I am not a bastard child.  My parents were married.  I have my father’s name.  It is out there for me to take off my Norway.  I am here to tell you, I am not a bastard.  Remember that.

My real father was mean, he hit both my mother and my brother.  He used to hit my brother on the ear until I was born.

My real Grandfather, the best connection that I have to Ireland, I am sure they ordered a kill on him for three words I spoke to him on my last visit to him.  I love you.  He died on Christmas Eve’s eve.  The nurse on the day I visited him tried to make me believe my Grandfather was senile.  She told me a story of how in the middle of the night, he attempted several times to leave the geriatric hospital.  My first reaction was not that he was senile, he felt he needed to leave.  Better to die from exposure on the streets than by the hands of a killer nurse in charge of caring for the elderly.

My Grandfather had the Irish charm, he always had a smile for me whenever he saw me as if he was always happy to see me.  Took me for an ice cream as a child and I ordered licorice.  Not chocolate, or vanilla, or strawberry, I choose a flavor.  A flavor that wasn’t always available.  It says a lot about me.

Something really terrible happened when I saw Saving Mr. Banks, I remembered Tammy, someone who used to be a friend who also worked with me at WORSHIP, calling me after she had been on vacation very upset and crying.  She had a female family – by marriage – member stay at her apartment while she had been away a few days.  When she returned home, she found her pet bird dead in its cage.  Her family member offered no explanation as to how her bird died.  Tammy was so upset, I told her I would go visit her at her apartment.  However, when I got to Tammy’s apartment her phone call and her apartment did not match or make any sense, and Tammy did not seem upset anymore.  Tammy was cleaning when I got there, her apartment was a mess.  Doing dishes, and stuff everywhere.  And I did not like what I was feeling in the perimeter.  It didn’t make sense.

I believe the dead bird was about my Grandfather.

There really was an intelligence officer that was killed referenced in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, his location was given away as I see it.  He was double-crossed merely out of spite.  This is what I see.  No other intelligence was received in return.  He was a good man.  It was just for spite.

I would never have allowed such a thing to take place had I been employed within an intelligence agency or office.

Really, the reference between the witch and the princess and Master Li Yu Bai’s character only has to do with the fact that these women and lesbians are inferior and incapable.  Inferior and incapable of the job they were employed and at governmental level.  I, Cherith Gjestland, am the princess very little.  I am the one who has a natural ability, he wanted to hire me, employ me for the betterment of the United States and the world.  When I was just a teen-ager.

It quite literally is a matter of National Security for the United States and the world that I stay employed.  I am very aware.

The difference I would have made in history is so significant you are all just now starting to understand the true nature of my person.

I am truthfully saddened by the loss of this intelligence man I did not really know.  Watching it was very sad for me.

Sister, sisters being code for lesbian.  It is old code for lesbian and lesbians.  There is a reason they are not used more often.

I will from now on consider black and white as a sin.

I have one brother, I have no sisters.  Dana Jones mentioned as if she had to say it, she considered me family.  I do not.  I did not.

Their editing of subtitles is all wrong.  I just know.

Here is an example of their incompetence.  Of these female’s incompetence.  This Chinese woman who was responsible for killing an elderly man in a nursing home, who I believe deserved to live a long life was shown to me on a pallet.  The place where she was born, I read it on the pallet.  I knew who it was, that is was her birthplace.  They still have no idea why I did what I did.  They have no idea, no clue whatsoever what it means.  They placed a sign on the water machine stating not to pour anything into the tray because they have no idea how to interpret the happenings that took place after my action.

These women and lesbians are so incapable.  It is my brain first.  What they have tried to do with the Bluetooth, with the fake surgery is equivalent to trying to take a microwave oven and turn it into a milking machine.  It is that ridiculously dumb.

I took water, not from me, I took water from station 10, that is to say I took water from the White House and poured it over the pallet of this Chinese female killer.  It was not the only thing on the pallet.  I put water on the pallet, then I did not let it sit in water.  I took paper and dried the water up.

Here is what they are incapable of knowing and understanding.  What I did, is a kindness that will never be forgotten.  That is the best translation I am able to write.  A kindness – from the White House – that will never be forgotten.

It is not a pardon.  It is not a release from consequence and penalty from murder.  Obviously, people need a degree in Diplomatic associations to understand the complexity of my actions.  It will never be forgotten.  What I did in that gesture and action is greater than anything years of intelligence and diplomatic work could have achieved.

A kindness that will never be forgotten.

Kindness is the best word I can translate it into, it is not quite the same.  The real word is more meaningful with deliberate purpose.  The real word is meant to convey thoughtful action.

Before anyone else takes credit for the work I do, let me explain a difference in how I work.  I am willing beyond my own ego to find the best way to reach a person.  It is not the same in any way as a pressure point, or a place to attack from.  It is an entirely different way of thinking about people.  I want to reach them.  Reach them.

This is going to be complicated.  I have no idea why someone would have gone to that stupid fuck who is behind bars for the Anthrax scare used his information creating a video from the White House.  I am able to tell you I received more information from the creative video person(s) that used the information from the man behind bars than from that stupid criminal.

Brutality.  Brutality not intimidation is one of the things Russian intelligence uses.  Brutality.  Do you know what that tells me?  It tells me, they expect to get caught.  It tells me they know they will get caught.  They use brutality as a means of protection for themselves once they are in prison – only.  It is so fucking dumb.

What everyone seems to fail to notice is the connections between the events.  This is very dangerous information you are about to read.

They hardly needed much motivation.  The Russians believed they lost that Olympic hockey game in 1980 because they played on American soil.  Their skills, their Russian ability was so delicate that the mere presence of Americans – READ IT, AMERICANS – took away all their bluster.  Diminishing their strength.  If you do not understand that it is about goodness.  The presence of good from deep within.  It is undeniable.  They wanted to exact revenge for losing the Gold medal.  They still do not see that they were used.  I see it though.

The fact that they used a poison as their weapon does not show them to be powerful.

Al-Qaeda was seen as more powerful than the Russians.

You failed to understand that having me park on the US side at work, to replay these events placed the US in a weaker position.  Whoever you had in intelligence, if anyone at all, is incompetent.  I am not willing to show the US as weak or incompetent.  I am not willing.

I am still correct.  The coordination of these events.  I am still correct in where the greatest threat level is.

Be aware, my UK patch on my pants is best on my pants for the US and the UK.  By doing so I have given the UK a stronger placement in our working relationship together than had it been placed on my shirt.  So, please, stop being stupid.  By placing the UK patch on my pants says nothing about fat legs, it is everything about the importance of the US and the UK working together.  About the US and the UK both being competent.  It is not in anyway seen as placement for any persons currently in government in the UK.  It is EVERYTHING ABOUT THE US AND THE UK WORKING TOGETHER!

If you want to know about cancer research and the cure for cancer, place it on a pallet.  I will be able to tell you if you are actually trying to cure cancer or not.

I see and read nothing in the news that shows anyone has a clue as to what is truly going on.  You are dumber than you look.  All of you.

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