December 27, 2018: Biltmore



December 27, 2018


You’re not going to want to read this.  I really do not want to write this either.  It is going to create a family problem, not of my family.  It is the reason my brother’s conference was in Asheville, NC.  The purpose was for me to get there to see the house.  It was their working thought process, that Cherith needed to have connections made for her to be able to brain-think a crime.  They are wrong.  It is not true.  I get more information; however, I do not need it in order to get information.  Asking it of me, is a start.

How many years have people suspected her?  Do they go back and forth between several females of the family?  It is so repulsive to me.  It is literally something as stupid as a business decision and nothing more personal, passionate, or emotional.  Were they high?  Or drugs?  It is a close or immediate family member to him, the reporter.  It looks like they have never admitted it.

I literally cannot stand to look at it.  She had no idea what she was doing.  That does not mean she doesn’t deserve punishment, she does.  It is as though she had no connection whatsoever to the Earth, to reality, to people.

They brought me there as a favor it looks like.

It’s repulsive to me.

If you have a man in custody from the Cherry Lime Ricky, he is too young.  The one I am looking for is Grandfather aged.  He has a rap sheet you would not believe, and when you catch him, he will be the one to put closure to a lot of unsolved crimes. Go get that SOB!

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