December 28, 2018: I Am Not Your Friend



December 28, 2018


Pound for pound, I am not your friend.  I doubt it is possible for you to ever be correct.  Redbeard is not a dog.  A bread recipe from a newspaper clipping from the LA Times that is not a black woman or black hole, nor is it black ink.  It is just a way to tell me my mother was correct, you are too dumb to understand.  My real mother was finding the connections in the news stories and she has been killed because of you people.

Right lane ends.

The belt murder is not a knife, it is something ingested is all that killed them.  You should have been able to figure that all by yourself.  I didn’t need to hold your hand.

I drew the eagle it is the only reason I chose the design.

I am not your friend, David.  You see me as a gross, overweight, ugly black and white woman.  Who the fuck do you think you are?!  I am not your friend anymore.  When was the last time you saw me laughing?  I do not see you as Lambert the Good, David.  I have no idea anymore when you were last good to me or protected me.  If ever.  I want to be away from you for the rest of my life.  I want nothing to do with you, your wife, or any children you might have.  I want nothing to do with you.

I did not want to hold your hand.  Is that the best you could do?  You couldn’t possibly talk to me face to face?  You couldn’t possibly court and date me properly?  The best you could do was hands?  It makes you look terrified of me.   You should be.  You would never be the same again.  I am not your friend.

I want to work during the day.

Do not look to see me running anytime soon.  You are all on your own.

No, I will not of my own choice be working for the US government in any capacity or its military.  Someone got their wish in that sentence alone.

No, I will not be working with any foreign governments or their militaries.

No, I will not be working with any intelligence agencies.  You will all have to help yourselves.

I am not your savior.  I am not your hero.  I am not your protectors.

I am not an Anglophile at the moment.

I am not the criminal.  I am not your sister.  I am not the criminal.

I have only one brother, and you ain’t it.

I am not your friend.  You should be very frightened of me.  I can do the things other people take credit for.  I can, they cannot – PROVEN!

Somebody wants me to believe the Eel is a made-up person and not a real man.  You got your wish, I do not believe he is a real man or a real criminal.

You fail over and over and over, you fail.  You think the best and all that I am is guessing who someone is behind the person speaking?!  I surpassed that years ago, as a child I surpassed it.  You think my brain-thinking is just a memory technique?  I have been places in my mind, I should not know about.

The last thing I need is some gay man in love with me, so Bing was removed because of it.  New York Times was also removed.  I am not your friend.

Figure it all out on your own.

I will not be helping you.

I will not be saving you.

I am not your leader.

I am not your friend.

This is not the White House.  I will not be helping or working with anyone there or here.

I am not your friend.

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