December 31, 2018



December 31, 2018


Who would want to deprive a man of the happiness I would give him?  My adult life, all of my sexual adult years, and perhaps before that I have been denied men in my life.  Having a man, being in a relationship with a man, I would make him so happy.  There are persons who want to deprive and keep the male sex from being able to experience that happiness and the effect that would have on them from happening.  In return, I would be so happy to be able to have a man in my life and have a life with him.  I would be his never-ending joy.

However, not just any man will do, I actually have to be sexually-attracted to him.  It has been proven disguises don’t work.  I see you’re a friend of David’s.  I see this, I see the connection to this person.  Stop pretending you are not taking my life from me by pretending you aren’t there.

I have not finished The Green Mile; you people are so greedy.  John Coffey literally just means Starbucks.  People go to Starbucks every day.  Millions of people go to Starbucks.  Don’t be so literal.  You stupid copy-cats who understand nothing.

Michael Clarke Duncan actually died, didn’t he?  He is actually dead.  Him being a black actor literally means death by the color of his skin alone.  No, it is not Asian.  It is American.  There is more to his character, but before people go crazy his name is just Starbucks.

And, the reason Michael Clarke Duncan died?  Because you people set me up for a surgery that never needed to happen, and someone did not like it.  They killed someone for it.

Be careful because I am John Coffey, just not his body in any way.  I am the person who is not violent toward other people.  I am the one who makes people spirits, moods, demeanor, and attitudes change by being near me.  There are a lot of people who bring joy and happiness to others just because of who they are.

The ingestion of the badness and illness, I see and understand it better than I have time or want to write at the moment.  It is slightly more complicated, however none of this is very difficult.  Nearly anyone could have seen the connections.

I do not ingest badness or disease when I am around people.  I dispel, or repel, that is more of the mind I have.  However, I have been fed really bad stomachache’s – that is not a good thing.  A slow death, if it takes years or decades is a death, and it is a serial killer.

I am devastated that someone wanted to hurt my mother, then use it as fodder for a television show or entertainment.  Wanting to kill my brother in a car accident is a different animal, I have not brain-worked it.  My brother is not the same as me.  My father they have destroyed by having us move from our home in California.

I was correct, I needed a break, a mind vacation, I was in desperate need of time-off.

I see people are anxious for my reading of the movie, The Green Mile.  I am not yet done.

Yes, I am so upset I took Norway off my computer.  Think about it.

I would make him so happy.

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