January 1, 2019



January 1, 2019


I am beyond unhappy with the numbers on my scale.  I am beyond unhappy with the size of my body.  I am beyond unhappy with the ugly, bloated belly.  Should I thank you for making me feel UGLY ON THE OUTSIDE, AGAIN?!

Yesterday, quite literally felt like the first day off I had.  I almost started to feel like a real person again.  Then, I was hurt by the arrest of one of the men who hurt my mother.  An old lady.  It takes a really big man to hurt an old lady, to harm an old lady.

You will not be able to hide the money when I return food items that have been tampered with anymore.  The money will go back to my credit card where it will be seen, rather than credit added to my account.

It makes Publix complicit also, a friend visiting a Publix worker standing at the back door waiting to hand off a tampered product, and many other versions of this idea.  Publix selling tampered items making people sick like myself.

What did they do with my organs when they removed them?  Research or more?  Leaving me with a scar that can be seen from a great distance.  I am not a person to get a tattoo or a belly-button piercing.

Did you actually let something happen to that protective man because you underestimated the threat level here, again?!

If you are looking for a full book report on The Green Mile, I am too upset.

I wonder if my brother reconsiders some of the things he has done, some of the communications he shared knowing now that I see they paid someone to molest him as a child to create an asset to be used and manipulated.

I see their thinking.  They do not think highly or much about gay men and their lifestyle.

The conection in Sherlock, BBC, I know human ash, is the death of Arthur Ashe and the Biltmore death.  The connection being the Presidents men as a source.

If you haven’t figured it out – what I see – there was, there is, a plot, a thinking, a group, persons, set about to home-grown terrorism striking at people when they are most vulnerable, in a hospital.  In capacitated.  Also, creating chaos, damage, while putting money into health care to further their need.  To further the need for them.  Death in the form like a disease or illness where it could not be traced back to the originator.  Therefore, a criminal never caught.

It looks as though having my family moved to Oregon set about an action plan, so to speak.  Oregon is a big problem.  There are a lot of people there with hidden motives.  It is a spear-head, it is the best word I can think of at the moment.  There is still a man there in Oregon, a doctor, he is not the only doctor, who should be brought to justice and jailed for his actions, for the rest of his life.

So, miserably unhappy.  I want to be a real person again.

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