January 8, 2019



January 8, 2019


That looks like a guilty and worse Wolfe to me.

Organ Harvesting?!  Ohio?!  This is also from a woman who worked with me at Dillard’s, she was also a nurse, and a witch.  I stayed away from her mostly.  Her name started with a Y.  Organ harvesting?!  I hate that job!

Jesus.  She was trying to reenact the birth of Jesus.  She wants to know more about Christianity and baptism, and Christianity.  From what I wrote about although you have killed my son, God cannot stop loving His chosen people.  If you want to reach her send her a non-denominational Christian white male in his forties, man, she just wants to know more.  As I see it, she is excited and happy at the thought of being Americanized.  Imagine that.  Missionary works in a war country.

How is it that Cherith can see a conversation that was not in front of her?  Well, I hate that job.

Buy another back brace because someone stitched a black triangle on the back of it?!  Well, I hate that job.

I am worn out from the physical demands of that job.  I hate that job!

Never again see the light of day?!  Well, I hate that job!

Remember it was Chris who told me not to write stories about Maurice the Handsome, Lambert the Good, and Murphy the Magnificent, Murphy the Brilliant.  What would happen if stories I wrote about were read!  I hate that job!

I am reading Hamlet.  I hate that job!

I have no idea what that news story is supposed to mean.  I saw David at the coffee shop, I saw his ring after I left the coffee shop.  I never approached him because I remembered how he wrote to me about being delusional and crazy, yet he followed me around town.  It was such a reaction I was physically shaking not because I was scared because it felt like a steel door slamming down on my mind from the top of my head.  Shutting off all communication.  I hate that job.

I am Sherlock telling people to run and rescuing them.  Not the other way around.  Because of how they used me.  I hate that job!

I used to weigh 109, I hate that job!

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