My Family Name



January 10, 2019

My family name is not Cherry.  It is not pronounced Cherry.

English is a complicated language.  Read.  Read.  Same word, yet it can be pronounced both read, r-e-d, and read, r-e-a-d.

My family name is for my own family – ONLY!

I am not sharing my family name.  However, it is important you know it is both French and Norwegian.  Spelled differently, but with the same meaning.

The French when I look at my mother now looks as though it is from the 60’s to her.

Be careful here, it does look as though my mother legally changed her name because her life was in danger, and she did not get help or protection.

Be careful here, my mother was burned so severely when we were vacationing in Hawaii it was attributed to the skin cancer on her nose that had to be removed.  She did not have plastic surgery for her looks.

Understand this: the reference of sociopath in Sherlock BBC is a warning to the US.  It is someone asking, telling, and begging the agencies to understand that sociopaths, using criminals is a mistake.  It is a British citizen working for the good of the United States.

The reason these messages have been going on so long – people are not getting the help and support they need so they have been asking audiences and me for help, and here’s another good point for everyone to think about entertainment should not be mindless.

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