Sundays have always been family day.  Sundays are the day the family went to church together, then went out to eat together.  Church days, however are for another story.

I long for the Sundays of endless mugs of warm coffee brewed with cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar filling my nose and the air with happiness while reading the Sunday paper sprawled over a chair.  Combing through the ads for the best pricing on clothes, gadgets and devices, and discovering new products.

Having a late brunch.  Food and dishes set out informally and in no particular order to be followed by wonderful, lovely pots of tea with real cream or evaporated milk, and real sugar.

So, when I am playing a game like The Sims, I want them to be able to eat as a family.  I want to be able to select not a plate, but an option that allows for everyone to sit together and eat, drink, and chat at the same time.  Even a Sim who has no emotions or feelings, I want them to be able to spend that important time with one another.

Watching Sunday Morning Shoot-Out as my new church.  For movies and films had become my place of inspiration, reverence, and unending exploration of thought and conversation.

Watching a movie in the afternoon, or taking a nap to clear the mind of the week’s stresses.  Spending time with each other, just having everyone near without the constant need of trivial talking.

Sundays are family day, and without a home base it is just another passing of a day.

My mind in a mess from inexcusable busy-ness, avoidable stress, hardship, heartbreak, and the loss of a life filled with people, love, and a man of my own who would love me for life.  So, I sit here longing for the times that once were because nothing else is worthwhile anymore.

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