They Should All Be Fired: NOT ME!

Everyone involved in handling me, air-controlling me, pet training me, dog training me – SHOULD ALL BE FIRED IT NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!!

What I will be writing will be beyond scathing, so buckle up for I will not hold back.  As I am THE ONE telling the whole truth at the expense of my extreme embarrassment, pain, hurt, despair, and year of wasted tears!

I will not masturbate anymore.  I have gone celibate in part due to all the soap mishandling.  I will not discuss this any further today.

I bought a light because it was an air-purifier.  I was using it as a means to protect myself from the air-handling.  For I will no longer wear a mask, you will see what you have done to me.  You will see my pain.  You will see the person who used to be filled with light, happiness, love for all is forever gone.  I have turned that light off because what I received was a listening device inside the light.

So, let’s go all the way back to the beginning starting with the blue tooth or a device placed in my tooth to hear my thoughts which is used in conjunction with my wasted belly which is devoid of my reproductive parts.  The shame from that loss I will never fully be able to write or share.

Based on what evidence did someone have the right to follow me, place a device in my head and belly?  I never hurt anyone.  I never even looked at people inappropriately.  The worst thing I’ve done is occasionally look at children and wonder, how old would he be if he was still alive?  From the loss of losing a baby which I will not go into at this time.

I used to say that I do not drink when I am writing which allowed someone to distort this truth into something else.  It no longer holds true.  When I write – when I really write and not report on mishandling and abuse – I become completely absorbed as it should be.  It is the only way to get all the way down to that well of truth we hold with ourselves.

I want it to be known I was NOT choosing the tire on the back of the vehicle when I was driving the other day.  I simply choose NOT to wait behind a big truck just like every other logical-thinking person would do when driving.  And for no other reason.  You contrive these so-called victories that are not true or real.  Any person would move out-of-the-way if possible than to stay behind a larger vehicle.

I chose not to go to work at Hilton when I learned it was Casey behind the employment.  It wasn’t just the two-hour drive one way.  What logical, sane, reasonable person would drive four hours a day unless they were getting paid a huge salary which was not the case.  Also, I despised having to talk phone calls from Casey while working at Disney and being forced to swallow and have phlegm in my mouth and throat.  It is a terrible idea for a show!

David, I saw you at Starbucks.  I saw you walking into Starbucks and lightly tap your left hand on your right font pocket which has turned into this virtual-reality sign.  When you walked in I placed my water bottle on my right hip which is where I place my car keys – this is something I have been told/trained to do when I see someone make a sign to show you see them.  When I left I saw you standing in line with your legs spread apart.  I only walk that way because it is the safest way.

As far as gas goes today – it has become a moot point at this time.  I do not have time to go into what happened the last time I was at the gas station, so to be fair it is a moot point.  I have to keep the bluetooth from having an unfair advantage and possibly distorting the real truth as it happened to me and no one else.  Because you WILL work together.  You will stop competing with me, you will stop taking turns pulling me apart!  You will listen to me from now on!  You will stop this nonsense at once.  I do not have time to go into this any further.

David, I did not cross the street in Las Vegas when I saw the sunburned man holding a Dachshund because I want to move on from you.  I do not want to hear, or seem or be you friend, or anything ever again – so changed are my feelings for you.

I don’t feel good today, I wonder why that is?!

I will be writing an abolishment to all former rules – such as purple is supposed to be allergy-free.

Your brain cannot live and thrive outside of the skull which is what this is – which is what this whole isolation is making my brain live outside of its own skull.  Wasted years.

There should be a separation between home life and work life.  Husbands and wives shouldn’t always work together, friends, former lovers, etc. shouldn’t always work together.

Under no circumstances whatsoever should any person be allowed entry or entrance into my home regardless of the lock!!!!!!!!  EVER!!!!  This must stop at ONCE!!!  Once and for all!!!!

I am not done yet.

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