Allium And Flowering Peanut

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  At this time because of work problems no African-American men or black men.  This actually hurts my feelings to write that.  I cannot believe I am writing this, but Murphy said, he doesn’t mind me including this part of the disclaimer, he knows it has nothing to do with the color of their skin, as do I know it.

There will be no Coffee and Breakfast today.  It has been more than twenty-four hours since I’ve eaten.  I had cups of coffee when I woke up, but I have not had solid food in more than twenty-four hours.  This is not a norm for an adult of my age.  I will not write the good stuff until this has relented, surrendered, and given themselves the pink-slip.

We all suffer because of someone else’s tampering, interference, and involvement.  We all suffer because of it.

As Murphy brings his brows down while I am talking to him as if to say, concern.  Both Maurice and Lambert should be more stable by now.  They should not be shaking so after all this time.  Why is that?!  Because of people in my house?!  Seriously, unacceptable!!!!

I am still thinking about a Coffee and Breakfast not just for last night, but for myself as well.

Because of an altered photograph I saw, I nearly didn’t write anything at all because I was so mortified.  It is so disrespectful.  It is an all-stop for me.  It is a something I would never respond to.  Because it is so undignified.

Until then, let me tell you of a true story, I planted flowering peanut in my front yard of my house.  They are a good plant, require not much water that is important so as not to waste resources.  They cover the ground keeping weeds from causing problems and hindering the landscape with eyesores.  I planted Wisteria, I did want it to do more, not cold enough here.  Geraniums are also good, they keep certain bugs away naturally.  Yet, I so enjoyed my Allium.  They have a nice tall flower, it covers the ground, and the colors go so nicely with flowering peanut.  And, that just happens to be a true story.

I believed the story went that Jesus washed Mary’s feet when she tried to wash his feet.  However, my internet is trying to tell me a different story.

Where and to who this took place matters not anymore, however it is still true.  Once I said I have a theory about cats – that they communicate with their eyes.  He will remember it.

Please, do not misunderstand me, both Lambert and Murphy would be very good husbands.  Lambert, I have yet to create the best character for him, but he is most like a 007, or secret agent, smart, capable, lethal, and so good.  Both Lambert and Maurice have salt and pepper whiskers.  Lambert’s are, if you were to look at just his whiskers, stick nearly straight out from his mouth and are ridiculously long.  Murphy is so smart, sharp, sturdy, solid, dependable, and so cute with his white whiskers.

Ta-ta for now.  Until the heaviness relents there will not be much here.

Have you figured out the code yet?

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