Sex With A Man

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-America men, no black men.  This is about properness and correctness not the color of the skin.


Hi, my name is Cherith Joelle Gjestland, I am not the President of the United States, nor have I ever pretended to be so, or ever believed so.  It is absurd.  It is mind-boggling.  The people of the United States voted already.  He needs to remain.  There are voting laws and protections in place for the people.

Because I am sick of reading about this story, I worked with a person’s mother who was elected.  I cannot allow this story to go any further, I have my reasons.

I do not know why I am continually having to write this story before someone finally takes action to stop it.  It is a weight problem.  It is being asked of me to live on water alone, A Hunger strike, Assassin’s Creed.  It is being asked of me to take diet pills, Death at A Funeral.  Will someone please listen and read before more destruction and harm is done?!  Please do the work on your own.  I am not able to write what needs to be done here for security reasons.

Perhaps some people do not the reasons behind this.  I am not allowed to turn in the left-hand lane at the light.  I have been told to only use the right lane – frustration free.  I am not allowed to put Gator Ford on the right – because of pressure cooking.

Whatever they have done in my body, this is a terribleness.  They send pain into my hands similar to blood pooling, pins and needles in my hands just to have control over my body.  Are you reading this?!

Things I Used to Be Able to Do Before I Had Sex with A Man in This House

  1. Leave my house at whatever time I choose without having traffic problems.
  2. Wear whatever clothes I want to.
  3. Buy whatever products I like.
  4. Wear my hair however I want.
  5. Choose the color and length of my own hair.
  6. Choose my employment or employer.
  7. Chew gum.
  8. Wear makeup.
  9. Have sex with men in the flesh.
  10. Run outside.
  11. Run during the daylight.
  12. Be outside.
  13. Go to the beach.
  14. Get a tan.
  15. Save money.
  16. Plan my life and future how I want.
  17. Have friends.
  18. Because I had sex with a man, because I loved my mother most I was denied being with her at her death, or her funeral, or to be with her at the nursing home because she was replaced with actors in disguise.
  19. Does Cherith like this, then we must take it away from her and never let her have it again. This has been my life.
  20. Feelings for David.
  21. Feelings for any man I have found attractive since.
  22. Tuesday and Thursday were purposefully and willfully removed because of it.
  23. Years of my life gone because I had sex with a man.
  24. Artwork on her walls.
  25. They made my salads heavy because I saw a photo of a man with glasses and a beard.
  26. They made my Sangria heavy because they don’t like Murphy.
  27. They have out sun damage and sun spots in soap because of my name.
  28. They wanted me to change my name because of its definition.
  29. They took away my house.

Read this.  It is more serious than you’ve realized.

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